Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cough - Sniffle - Cough

The sickies have struck our family and no one has been spared! It all started on our trip to Ohio for Aunt Lesley's wedding and it is still hanging on, over a week later!

Speaking of Aunt Lesley, the wedding was fantastic! It was beautiful and so much fun! Olivia and Mason clean up nicely and thought that wearing fancy clothes was pretty special! Congratulations Lesley and Ted!

So back to the sickness thing...I saw on the Today show this am that this flu outbreak is nasty. In fact, no wonder we are ill: The germs from this flu can travel in about a 3 foot radius around your body. Um, I am pretty sure we infected some folks on the plane on the way home! Oops!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Where to start...

So for a long time, I have wanted to start some sort of blog in order to keep family and friends up to speed on our better late than never!

I also want to share the daily dramatics and dialogue in our house that crack us up on a daily here is the first!

So Kelly was tucking Liv into bed one evening and she wanted to tell him about someone she learned about at school, by the name of "King Arthur, but he has a longer name, I just can't think of it." Kelly, feeling stoked that she knows a little about King Arthur, starts spewing knowledge of King A and the Knights of the Roundtable. In between all of his musings, Olivia keeps saying, "And he died right?" "Right." I am hearing this exchange from the hallway, and I am thinking that I don't recall King A being in the Kindergarten curriculum, but living in CA, nothing would surprise me now! I walk into the room to tell her goodnight, and she proclaims, "Mom, you know King Arthur, he died, but he had a longer name, remember?" I said, "You mean Martin Luther King?" The look on Kelly's face was priceless. Maybe another day they can discuss King A!

Until tomorrow!