Wednesday, March 31, 2010

setting the bar

i know
i know
two blog posts in two days...

enjoy, cuz this might not happen again!

so i know i need to get back into the swing of

it used to come so easy to me...
things to blog about were always
swirling around in my mind

but not lately...

so here it goes...
an attempt
if i start
maybe the swirlies will come again!

book club
i started a book club almost a year ago
we average a book every two months
cuz we are all too busy to meet more often!

here's a rundown of the books we've read...

the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime
by mark haddon this book
...easy read
...loved the point of view
...highly recommend!

the thirteenth tale
by diane setterfield
...not much to say on this one
...i struggled to get through it
...not my genre
...will leave it at that!

the help
by kathryn stockett this book! don't walk!
...thank me later!

the 19th wife
by david ebershoff
...another great one
...spurs many many questions
...great for discussion! (and discuss we did! whew!)

the weight of silence
by heather gudenkauf
...this whole book takes place in one day
...what a long day!
...good, not great

and currently reading...

the girl with the dragon tattoo
by stieg larsson
...i think it might get good
...that is what i am told some point it will grab me
...still waiting
...better happen soon!

so what are you reading?
i have so many books in my to read pile!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i know that a few months back
i said i'd return
i thought it would be sooner

but better late than never
i guess

where to begin???
remember this last year?
well, ditto for this year.
fully expected it, but sucks still
it was rescinded last year,

and i hope it will be this year
there is still that uncertainty

so in the meantime
we wait
and wonder
and make changes
in case
i don't get called back

so many uncertain things right now