Sunday, August 16, 2009

you know you're an old married couple when...

...your dear husband tries to
pay you a compliment like
"you look hot"
and you reply by saying,
"no actually i feel just fine"

...your husband refills your
bottomless margarita glass
right after the last drink
without even being asked!

...he politely threatens to break
your arm if you bid at an auction
and it is considered being affectionate!

...shared desserts are a
highlight of your date! attend a function that lasts until
midnight but you are home by 10:30!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1 down...179 to go!

for teachers, it's all about the countdown!
give me another day and i will have worked
out how many days until winter break! are the cuties from this am...

according to mason,
K is awesome
the only flaw?
he took an apple for his snack
he "ate it all, but meanwhile,
i missed all of recess cuz it took
me that long to eat it!"

different snack packed for tomorrow!
and the second grader?
stoked about no homework all week!
as am i!
baby steps please!

Monday, August 10, 2009

pass the tissues please

this handsome young lad
is officially a kindergartner

and this beautiful young lady
is a big shot second grader

and this is their mama

she is sad to be returning to work
but loves that the two cuties above
are with her at school!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

lasting impressions

twelve years of teaching
that's a lot of kids
and every year
i hope i make an impact
on them
but what i bet they don't know
is that they make as much
of an impact on me

i remember them
the funny stories
the laughs we all shared
their personalities
they leave an impression
on me
it doesn't go away

so when i hear from them
after they move on
or they come back to visit
it is beyond wonderful
to just listen to them
to see how they've grown
it always makes me smile

so when i hear news
like the tragic news i got today
it hurts
it's beyond sad

a young person's life
cut way, way too short
he sat in my classroom
2 short years ago
but it feels like yesterday
he made quite an impression on me
but i bet he never knew that

so as a new school year dawns
i made a note on the last day
in my plan book...
it reads
"tell them how much they mean to me"

{PS...last night, i recounted a funny story about him
to some friends. the same night he passed away.
gives me chills.}