Sunday, August 16, 2009

you know you're an old married couple when...

...your dear husband tries to
pay you a compliment like
"you look hot"
and you reply by saying,
"no actually i feel just fine"

...your husband refills your
bottomless margarita glass
right after the last drink
without even being asked!

...he politely threatens to break
your arm if you bid at an auction
and it is considered being affectionate!

...shared desserts are a
highlight of your date! attend a function that lasts until
midnight but you are home by 10:30!


missy said...

i love it!!!!!!
very our house too!!!!

mom said...

and isn't that a great feeling? love you, mom

Jen said...

Cute self portrait!

Aubrey said...

...and in bed by 10:45 and asleep by 10:50!