Thursday, May 28, 2009

on second thought...

life would be dull
if it weren't for
our ability to
'think twice'
about things...
in the past few days
i have thought twice
on many occasions!

1. calling 911

i have never had to call before
but one afternoon
this guy in the suv behind
me was driving like a mad man
swerving from one side
of the road to the next
i got over to turn and
almost got hit by
his erratic driving!
as he passes, i see he has
handicap plates
so i worry that
something is wrong
i'm nice like that!
i follow him and
dial 911
this is what i get:
{the slooooooowest talker ever which i thought rather ironic!}
anyhoo, due to the small town we live in,
he needed to transfer my call,
which resulted in being disconnected!
{not so handy in a life threatening situation i presume!}
so by this time, said motorist
is pulling into a car dealer
it dawns on me...
this yahoo was a service guy
testing out his repairs!
i followed him and kindly told him
what i thought of his maneuvers
on a public street.
like he cared!
next time?
i'll let him hit someone!

2. mc donald's

i took the kids for lunch
at the wretched place,
play place and all,
which generally makes
my skin crawl,
thinking of all the germs!
but i'm a cool mom,
so i indulged them...
but tell me this:
is working at mc donald's
so damn stressful
that you forget to put the food
in the happy meal boxes?
i cannot remember a time
that i have 'dined' at a golden arches
and they actually get the order correct!
what gives people???
next time?
packing lunch and hitting the park...
even if it is 100 degrees!

need i elaborate?
4. are we there yet?

the dreaded question came up
2 times yesterday
during a 20 min
car ride!
why is this making me
think twice you ask?
because in a week, we are hitting
the wide open highways and bi ways
of the US of A
for a 25 hour car ride!
what have we gotten ourselves into???
it is bad to have second thoughts
about something before it begins!
any guesses on how many times
we will hear that question on our trip?

so, what have you thought twice about lately???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

note to self

listen to my inner voice
more often!
like today
when i was gearing myself
up to go to kickboxing
there was this little voice
what? for reals?
and she should have been
listened to!

because this was not
your modern day
kickboxing class
where you show up and
sweat it out to a
new dance mix tune
oh, hecks no!

let me set the scene:
martial arts training center
like where real kickboxing
dudes and their mma cohorts
sweat it out!
and all the tattooed gents sport
the shiny boxing shorts
and the only other girl in the class,
who i was paired up with,
was a pumped up, tattooed,
sinead o'connor look alike
that let me know she is used
to street fighting in east san jose!
off to a great start!
{in all fairness, she rocked and i think i made a new friend!}
it started out with a flurry of
blocks, punches, kicks, turns
and i was hanging in there
despite the 5 pounds of sweat
already rolling off me just halfway
through the class!

oh, wait, did i mention that
i am soooooo not in shape?

i think about halfway through
i even begged her to go ahead
and make contact,
knock me out already!

but she lassoed her street fighting ways
and i had to suffer on!
so five min left in class
i'm thinking,
great, time to cool down!
and then it happened!
we were sentenced to 5 cold hard min
of a circuit, most of which
i cannot recall
as i was trying not to hurl
or pass out in front of these tough
men and woman!

i hear 'last time'
and i am so overjoyed
i can barely stand up,
ok, so i was barely standing
because my lungs were trying
to collapse, details, details!

and then it happened!
as it turns out, we had one min
of class time left!
and what else to do,
other than get a drink
and find the nearest O2 machine????

why, 50 sit ups of course!
by this time, hubs had arrived
to rescue me,
but only after i attempted the
50 sit ups!
he just beamed from ear to ear
with pride that i had hung in there,
all the while i had visions of hanging
him, who got me into this mess!

but you know what?
it wasn't all for not!
in addition to the major water weight
i must have shed,
hubs did the dishes when we got home,
{which he tends not to touch when i am not working in the summer!}
somehow, it just doesn't balance out!

note to self
join the women's class!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

she crafts, she crafts

i can be crafty
but due to lack of time,
i am only when i need to be
like tonight
i want to give the big girl's
something nice for the end of the year
so here is what i came up with:

in the morning, i will have her write...
'thanks for helping me blossom!'
on the thank you note card.

and this past weekend, while at
the bookstore,
she picked out a little cross stitch kit
so we worked on this cute little guy

and stuck him in a frame!
me hope she likes!
well, better get, hubs
is on the patio dragging furniture around
at 9:45 PM
while enjoying this:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in no particular order...

this is going to be soooo random
i apologize!

first, remember this?
yeah, well, my
are giving out on me.
do you know how
common the letter N is?
takes about three presses
of the N key to get just one!

1.5 days of school left
i am beyond excited!
tonight was a nice glimpse of
we were all outside until late
used the hose as a bath
and still went to bed dirty!
let the summer begin!

speaking of summer,
my to do list has started
and lord is it large!
what do people who work
12 months of the year do?
summer is when i get things done!
{or at least make good lists of things to accomplish!}

oh, and it is when i have time to read...
these all came today, good timing!

and did i mention i am forming a
book club?
yep...more reading!
{and hopefully some good wine and snacks?}

today was a fun day
the big girl had her
awards assembly
talent show
so proud of her!

to celebrate we took
the kids for ice cream...
before dinner!
rebels, i know!

the little big guy's last day
of preschool is friday
{sniff sniff}
but holy heck am i happy
to lose that monthly expense!
although, i am sure the savings
are spent already!

and lastly...some humor:
on the playground today
a boy comes over to tell me
some kids are saying the
v word!
i say, honey, i am not sure what that is.
he said, you know, the V word!!!
oh lordy...1.5 days...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

irol and her ipod

once upon a time

a most deserving

mom, irol,

got a shiny new

green ipod

she fell in love

she could do anything

with those little buds filling

her ears with harmonious tunes


it happened:

she popped the buds in her ears,

scrolled to her fave artist, was missing

as were ALL of her tunes!

she immediately went to her hubs

who had recently added new music

{read: HIS music}

to the tiny green wonder,

surely he had to know where

her tunes went!

after much debate over

whether it was intentional

or accidental

irol and hubs finally concluded

that synching it up on a diff

computer was the problem

irol immediately became way less

productive around the house

her ears were no longer filled

with the sounds she loved

to take her mind off of the fact

that chores suck!

finally, music restored,

irol and her jolly green friend

were reunited!

her kitchen has never been cleaner,

despite letting something boil over

whilst deep in her music,

and her hubs is back to complaining

about her singing out loud...

perhaps he should invest in some


especially since she has vowed

to don the buds for at least

30 min a day

in order to achieve the cleanest

palace in the kingdom...

and of course to drive the hubs crazy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

lordy what a year!

as a teacher
i know the toll that a
school year can take on you!
it sucks the life out of you...
trust me!

if you listen closely,
you can probably hear it!
draining like leaky balloon!

so when the big girl
brought her writing portfolio home
i should not have been surprised
to see the toll first grade has had
on her
{self portraits from fall and spring}

not quite as perky or happy in the second pic!

please forgive me...

i have a confession to make:

i have not seen

  • star wars

  • star trek

  • it's a woderful life

  • miracle on 34th street

now before you go all crazy

and pass seriously lame judgment

on me

i assure you

i am somewhat cultured:

  • i eat sushi

  • i read

  • and i like scrabble

so when hubs suggested we see

the new star trek

i was confused!


what is there to see?

i have gotten this far in life

without seeing any!

but i obliged...

and don't tell him i said this:

i enjoyed it!

now to my cultured list

i can add star trek... that better?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

thanks for loving mom, dad

and i love you mom...

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

when it rains, it pours...

and that is a good thing!
i was in need of some
serious soul watering
and i got just that in two days time!

back up to weds...
a hard, stressful, sad day

thurs brought a feeling
of exhaustion...
emotionally and physically spent
and this was all before 7:30 am!
so i get to work
not mentally ready to take on the day
and then the bell rang...
and brought with it
watering number one:
my awesome students
surprised me with a gorgeous
flower bouquet,
a balloon,
a card
that would make a grown man cry
and a little black lab doggie statue!
i love them!
their pick me up
got me through the day!

thurs night brought
watering number two:
open house at school...
seeing the big girl's
pride in her accomplishments
was amazing
and she also made
this cute little number:

in my own classroom,
it was nothing but
smiles, thank yous, and nice thoughts
from parents and students alike!
my soul was a little less thirsty!

friday morning
brought relief that this week
is almost over
and around midday,
it brought
watering number three:
hubs emailed me at work
he wanted to bring me lunch
and eat outside!
we had such a nice quiet lunch,
just the two of us, and
much needed!
but wait, this watering had a bonus!
about an hour later,
another gorgeous bunch

of flowers graced my desk
thanking me for being
the greatest wife and mother
my soul soaked it up!

and the best part?
more waterings
in store this weekend...
i am cashing in
a facial and massage
gift cert
and hope to fit in a pedi
and hubs has plans on sunday
for a little road trip...
my soul should be sufficiently
wet by sunday!

{but i still miss you alex!}
{and i still hear you walking around the house!}

so...has your soul been fed lately?
and what are your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


in the background
is where our dog,
has been for a while now.
as he has aged to a ripe
15 years
he has slipped into
the background
he no longer runs and fetches
it hurts him
he is slow to react
but quick to love on
our legs as we pass him by
he is slow to meet us
at the door
but quick to move
to a bedside as we sleep
he is slow to eat
what is in his bowl
but still quick to beg for our food

the last year has brought
some health issues for him
but he kicked them like
the trooper he is
there was a time in the summer
when we took him to the vet
and did not think he would
return with us
but he did

has been with the hubs
for longer than
me and the kids
and while i do not
envy him the decision
i know it is his in the end:
he has decided
it is time for
to be free from the pain he is in

the logical part of me
knows this makes sense
no pain medication
has brought him relief
and hubs said it best
when i suggested maybe trying more...
he said,
"to make us feel better or to make him feel better?"
and he is right.
just isn't going to feel better.

so with a heavy heart
and a shaky voice
i called the vet
to make an appointment
for tomorrow (weds)
one which he will not accompany
us home from.

we told the kids tonight
which i dreaded
we read a book called
dog heaven
and the kiddos
have decided that might be
a cool place for him to be.
i keep telling myself the same.

so tonight
there have been lots of
and loving

and tomorrow
i am sure there will be
lots of missing...
missing him
rub our legs
sleep by our beds
beg for our food.

the background in our life will be missing...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

{q and a} part 1

i am back
i am recovered
2 cat naps on sat helped!

while i was away,
a few of you had some questions.
it isn't too late
if inquiring minds
are still out there
you can still ask...

question one was from
my friend kim
over at i know, right?!
she asked me to tell
the story of how hubs
and i met...
read that cute story here...

good question kim!