Friday, May 8, 2009

when it rains, it pours...

and that is a good thing!
i was in need of some
serious soul watering
and i got just that in two days time!

back up to weds...
a hard, stressful, sad day

thurs brought a feeling
of exhaustion...
emotionally and physically spent
and this was all before 7:30 am!
so i get to work
not mentally ready to take on the day
and then the bell rang...
and brought with it
watering number one:
my awesome students
surprised me with a gorgeous
flower bouquet,
a balloon,
a card
that would make a grown man cry
and a little black lab doggie statue!
i love them!
their pick me up
got me through the day!

thurs night brought
watering number two:
open house at school...
seeing the big girl's
pride in her accomplishments
was amazing
and she also made
this cute little number:

in my own classroom,
it was nothing but
smiles, thank yous, and nice thoughts
from parents and students alike!
my soul was a little less thirsty!

friday morning
brought relief that this week
is almost over
and around midday,
it brought
watering number three:
hubs emailed me at work
he wanted to bring me lunch
and eat outside!
we had such a nice quiet lunch,
just the two of us, and
much needed!
but wait, this watering had a bonus!
about an hour later,
another gorgeous bunch

of flowers graced my desk
thanking me for being
the greatest wife and mother
my soul soaked it up!

and the best part?
more waterings
in store this weekend...
i am cashing in
a facial and massage
gift cert
and hope to fit in a pedi
and hubs has plans on sunday
for a little road trip...
my soul should be sufficiently
wet by sunday!

{but i still miss you alex!}
{and i still hear you walking around the house!}

so...has your soul been fed lately?
and what are your plans for the weekend?


Mighty M said...

Oh how wonderful Lori! Your heart must be so full with love!! My husband and I are going to Seattle tonight for dinner and spending the night at a downtown hotel - our first night away from the kids since my son was born. I'm so excited!!

Finding Normal said...

Aww, I'm glad you've had good stuff happen lately! We're 3 weeks post-loss, and while it has gotten easier, there are still moments when my brain goes into automatic mode and expects him. Like whenever I'm cooking and dropping stuff all over the place!
As for the weekend. Nothing. I want to do nothing. I don't want to cook. I must clean a bit. But I want to sit and read and watch a movie with my kids and eat chocolate and drink wine and not think about dogs or surgery or bloody noses (Addison's post-op issue) or any of the other crap that is trying to infest my brain. Wish me luck!
Enjoy your weekend.

mom said...

lori, like I've said before you have beautiful gift of writing--your blogs are just so sweet and sincere. I love you, mon

angi_b72 said...

Awesome post Lori!!! I love and Miss you!!!