Sunday, May 17, 2009

irol and her ipod

once upon a time

a most deserving

mom, irol,

got a shiny new

green ipod

she fell in love

she could do anything

with those little buds filling

her ears with harmonious tunes


it happened:

she popped the buds in her ears,

scrolled to her fave artist, was missing

as were ALL of her tunes!

she immediately went to her hubs

who had recently added new music

{read: HIS music}

to the tiny green wonder,

surely he had to know where

her tunes went!

after much debate over

whether it was intentional

or accidental

irol and hubs finally concluded

that synching it up on a diff

computer was the problem

irol immediately became way less

productive around the house

her ears were no longer filled

with the sounds she loved

to take her mind off of the fact

that chores suck!

finally, music restored,

irol and her jolly green friend

were reunited!

her kitchen has never been cleaner,

despite letting something boil over

whilst deep in her music,

and her hubs is back to complaining

about her singing out loud...

perhaps he should invest in some


especially since she has vowed

to don the buds for at least

30 min a day

in order to achieve the cleanest

palace in the kingdom...

and of course to drive the hubs crazy!


missy said...

i love it!!!!!!
darn they just not understand!?!??!!?!?

Finding Normal said...

My husband HATES it when I clean with my mp3 on, and is constantly complaining that no one else can hear the music. Too bad for them! Wine + laundry + Snow Patrol = HEAVEN!

Mighty M said...

Glad you got the music back!

mom said...

Nice Ipod...maybe my next one will be like that..but I love

Shauna said...


Jamie said...

Ahh, I know that feeling very well! My hub likes to fill my ipod with his music in hopes of broadening my music tastes. I'm very picky about what's on my pod.

BTW- stopping by to thank you for the card...Thanks!

Emmy said...

Hey if she is cleaning let her sing as loud as she wants!