Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in no particular order...

this is going to be soooo random
i apologize!

first, remember this?
yeah, well, my
are giving out on me.
do you know how
common the letter N is?
takes about three presses
of the N key to get just one!

1.5 days of school left
i am beyond excited!
tonight was a nice glimpse of
we were all outside until late
used the hose as a bath
and still went to bed dirty!
let the summer begin!

speaking of summer,
my to do list has started
and lord is it large!
what do people who work
12 months of the year do?
summer is when i get things done!
{or at least make good lists of things to accomplish!}

oh, and it is when i have time to read...
these all came today, good timing!

and did i mention i am forming a
book club?
yep...more reading!
{and hopefully some good wine and snacks?}

today was a fun day
the big girl had her
awards assembly
talent show
so proud of her!

to celebrate we took
the kids for ice cream...
before dinner!
rebels, i know!

the little big guy's last day
of preschool is friday
{sniff sniff}
but holy heck am i happy
to lose that monthly expense!
although, i am sure the savings
are spent already!

and lastly...some humor:
on the playground today
a boy comes over to tell me
some kids are saying the
v word!
i say, honey, i am not sure what that is.
he said, you know, the V word!!!
oh lordy...1.5 days...


Mighty M said...

It's almost there - you can make it to the end!! ;-)

missy said...

i always have a huge to-do list but i think i am just good at making lists......never really working on getting the list done.....just always adding to it!!!!
but i guess you have to be good at something.....and mine is making lists!!!!{weird...i know!!!}

mom said...

Great blog and Livy looks great in those pictures...we are also very proud of her and Mason..greatr kids..miss you all, mom

Jen said...

The V word...am I dense???

Finding Normal said...

va jay jay?!?! Oh no, he didn't!

Amanda said...

starting a book club? I want in!!

and did you get a gymboree coupon in your Parents magazine? Mine didn't have one, but was supposed to.. :(

Aubrey said...

Nothing like checking the mail and getting a nice stack of new magazines to read!

John Deere Mom said...

1.5 days?! We have 7. Stupid snow.

Mamarazzi said...

V Word...hilarious!

i want more info on this book club. fo' shiz!

kimber p said...

a book club..awesome..count me in! I'm reading "the Witch of Portobello" right now, I'm almost halfway thru and I've only been reading it since yesterday, its kinda weird, but I really like it!