Friday, January 30, 2009

there are no words

hug your kids,

tell them you love them.

i have no doubt

knew how much she was loved...

and always will be.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

give a girl a break!

{warning: my one male follower
might want to stop reading now
just sayin'!}

what is with spanx?
you know...the lovely modern day corset?
the only thing missing is the laces!

i have two pair
one original
one knock off
i hate them both
i generally do not wear them,
unless i am feeling more bloated
than my normal bloatedness!

so i slipped a pair on for our date night
what the hell was i thinking?!
the rage came rushing back
like seeing a bad picture from high school,
i was brought right back to why this was
such a bad decision.

first, there is no slipping into them
let's be honest,
they are best donned in the absence of the person you love
it might scare them off!
hell, it almost scares me off
then you get them on, and you're like,
"okay, i dig these"
and that lasts for about 9 seconds.
when you go to put your fave pants on
you feel no less fat,
you just cling to your clothes more!
okay, still thinking they might be worth the pain and discomfort,
you go about getting ready
you look in the mirror and think,
damn, i look puffy in places i don't normally look puffy!
'cause let's face it, your fat is just being moved around!
then it start to sweat...
because who needs this extra layer!?
they are hotter than hades at high noon!
and now you're getting pissed...
as that bead of sweat rolls down you back, you are
wondering why in the hell you wasted the energy
at least you might have burned a few calories shoving your bod into them!
and you finally make the decision...
these things are coming off!
and when you do this in front of the one you love,
they look at you like, what the hell is that layer you are taking off?
'cause they didn't see you put it on!
and then you see the hole
you know the one i speak of
what the hell is that for???
am we supposed to be able to use that?
is it an evacuation exit?
'cause i could barely get in the entrance!
what skinny person invented these?
i have heard skinny people profess their love for them!

so they are back in the drawer
back where they belong
until the next time
when i forget about why they are such a bad decision.

so, guess i'll just suck it in!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

and the winner is...

well, maybe i should say

"the loser is..."

because hopefully

that's what will happen!

{i know for sure you will lose your breath,

and perhaps your patience...but hang in there!}

so without further ado...

the winner {loser} of the 30 day shred dvd is....

Kimber P from I know, right?!

congrats kimber! email me your address!

{loriguyll at gmail dot com}

and now that my butt is sufficiently kickedmy jillian this am, off to shower and school!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

change, checkers, and what are the chances?

{don't forget the giveaway...way...way...way...tomorrow, last day!}

it's what we all need
watched the inauguration
with my students
so hopeful
so powerful
i hope they always remember
where they were when...
it was just one of those days.

we came home
we got the checkers out
{and i use the term checkers loosely, as you can see in the pic}

and the littles mastered the rules
of jumping, capturing and winning
the little big guy asked if it was
the kind of game where you yell
when you win!
i told him he could do whatever
he wanted when he won...
and that he did!

what are the chances?
some faithful readers...
{all 3 of you}
may remember when i blogged
about the bees
today, same spot
same red light
i pulled into a swarm of about 100 bees!
no bee truck in sight this time,
but these buggers were swarming
our truck and the car in front
again we frantically rolled the windows up,
'cause you know, it was nearly 70 again today!
but i digress...
what gives with the bees people?
i might find a new way home...
afraid of what we will find next week!

Monday, January 19, 2009

we're still here...

so i realize it has been a while
since i have posted any pics
good explanation for that
i just haven't taken any!
until today that is,
a day off
it got up to 72 degrees
and we enjoyed it!

we laced up our sneaks
and headed to the park

where the sunshine got to this guy!
gave him a little high!

where we confirmed
that her legs are really that long!

and, well, his are not!
{note the anger starting to fester!}

and where he became so mad
that his legs are not longer,
that he placed himself
face to face with this pole!
not sure if it helped
but he came away from it
with a new 'tude!

the only thing not enjoyable about today?
my thighs!
there are no words to describe the fire
that emanates from my quads.
thank you jillian!
you are doing your job!

speaking of have until weds.
to enter to win my 30 day shred DVD
you won't be sorry, well,maybe you will,
but really you won't!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


there are no words for this dvd
she will
and she can be
all yours!
that's right, i am sharing the love!
the love/hate relationship that is!
'cause you will love to hate her!
(just ask my muscles!)
but in the end, i think you will love the results!
for reviews and a brief video clip
click here
here's the scoop:
leave a comment for an entry to win
for an additional entry:
blog about this giveaway, twitter about the giveaway, or mention it in your status on facebook, linking back to here.
then leave another comment with your link letting me know.
that simple...
giveaway will close at midnight, pacific time,
Wednesday, January 21
winner will be announced Thursday, January, 22
(winner will be chosen by
what i love about this video is that it is only 2o min long,
i can do it before work in the morning,
and when i'm done, i feel like i worked out way longer than 20 minutes!
and heck, that is only on level 1!
(3 levels in all)
good luck!

Friday, January 16, 2009


i try not to do much of it
because most of what
we all worry about is out of our control
except, now,
i am worried
but that is another post...

i don't think i have used the word
around the big girl lately
maybe she just feels it
but very timely that today,
in the car,
on the way home,
she brings it up.
timely because news from work
has me worried

here was the conversation:

big girl: "mommy, what are some things you worry about?"

{pause on my i lay the weight of our world
on her tiny shoulders, or do i gloss it over?
i went for middle of the road}

me: "i worry about being a good mommy"

big girl: "but mommy, you are a good mommy"

{needed that, thanks girl!}

me: "i also worry about you and your brother staying healthy"

big girl: "mom, we are healthy!"

{so i inquire...what do you worry about?}

big girl: "well, i am going to say this, but it does not mean i am worried about it"

{at which point i think she is going to lay something heavy out there
and i am driving, should i pullover for this?}

big girl: "i worry that when cows and horses are eating their grass, they might eat, well, you know, their poop!"

{and i wanted to say, yes, i too worry about eating a crap sandwich!}

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wanton wednesday

at the park today
the big girl makes friends
with a girl,
all of 9,
there by herself.
do parents still do that?
i digress...
the girl keeps checking her
cell phone for the time.
when she leaves
the big girl informs me
that she gave her our
phone number
she gave out our digits
to someone she doesn't even know!?
i guess my thinking this was common sense
was way off the mark!
needless to say a safety convo ensued
lord, what else am i not thinking she will do!?
would it be rude of me
or simply community service
to pull over and tell the over excited
sign holder on the corner
that there does not need to be an
on the word fees!
is it possible for the hubs
to get one more blasted
work related
phone call or email to interrupt
whatever is going on
in our evening?
he ought to let me answer
they wouldn't call back.
oh yeah...and the funniest
from the little big guy today...
while spinning out of control
on the tire swing at the park
he says,
"i wanna live!"
me too honey, me too!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

secret life of bees...and biscuits

i have been mia lately
no reason
just working
you know...

so today,
gorgeous day
sun shining
windows down
coats off
and then it happened!
we are at a red light
this flat bed truck
stops beside us
the kids and i are busy yakking.
at the same time, we all look to the right
and scream!

the truck beside us is hauling

{this is where i would insert pic taken with cell phone,
but i cannot find the adapter to do so...use your imagination!}

a million bees were swarming over the boxes
more than likely trying to figure out
why their homes are moving!

we frantically got the windows up
but not before the kids about lost their minds!

and on a totally unrelated note...
i got a compliment today
{i take 'em anyway i can get 'em!}
on my biscuits
{get your mind out of the gutter you sick ones!}
breakfast biscuits...'cause breakfast was for dinner!
and the big girl says,
"mommy, you make the best biscuits!"

thanks pillsbury! you rock dough boy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

i love you because...

today is my favorite day of the year
our anniversary
7 years,
7 of the happiest
most wonderful years

to my husband...
i love you because...
  • you kiss me every morning before you leave for work: no matter if i am still in bed, in the shower, or bent over a little one tying a shoe.
  • you make me laugh {and i love to see you laugh}
  • you have given me the two best gifts in my life
  • you love me no matter what
  • you make us breakfast during the week
  • you take such good care of us
  • you have amazing patience with our children
  • you teach the children so many things that they will forever cherish
  • you love whatever i cook you
  • you incite riotous reactions in our children when you walk in the they haven't seen you in forever! it is the sweetest!
  • you show our children everyday what a good daddy and husband is
  • you put up with me...need i say more?
  • you get me
  • you are you

remember one day a few weeks ago,

we were laughing hard at something the kids were doing?

and i said something like,

what are we going to do when they are not around to entertain us?

and you said, oh, don't worry, we will find something to do!

here's to doing something together for the rest of our days!

love you honey!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

fashion show friday!

dinner, done
homework, done
bath, done
pj's, done
pudding, eaten (as evident on faces)
all early this evening
so we were treated to
a fashion show
complete with
catwalk, (aka living room floor)
flashing cameras,
and really hot looks
who wouldn't want one of these get-ups?

and apparently the thumbs go with the get-ups!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

think thin thursday

The Not-So-Blog

it's thursday
think thin people!

my goal last week was to eat for one
i think i did that,
for the most part

my goal for next week:
drink only water (and my oj of course!)
i enjoy soda, but don't normally buy it at home
i would drink it all!
we bought some around the holidays...
i am pouring it out tonight.
water it is
baby steps!
until next week...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

they call me grace...

...'cause i could use some!

so this morning, i fell
i fell hard
tripped over the dog
went flying
it was not pretty
and i hurt myself
i caught myself with my left arm
on impact i would have told you i broke something
but i collected myself and went on to work

i am going to the doctor in about an hour
as the pain has worsened
as the day has worn on
my elbow is busted
it hurts.

so, i am in the market for some grace...
help a girl out!

doc thinks there is nothing broken
which is awesome news...
another year of my life with no broken bones!
he thinks it is a strained elbow
but the pain...
ahh, the pain!
it is wrapped in ice now...
offered pain meds, but um,
taking care of 30 6th graders at work
does not allow me the luxury!
here's to watching my step...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

slack jawed

the little big guy in our house
is funny
and he knows it
which is a bad combination
he is four
he cracks us up

the combination of being
a boy
4 years old
produces a lot of talk about
body parts and bodily functions

but that is not the funny i am talking about
because normally, that is just gross
not funny

but here is the funny i speak of...

{after rolling down car window for some air}
"the wind defeats the hotness!"

{while picking up meds for his bronchitis...}
"do you think this medicine will give me an ear confection?"

{after scarfing down a plate of french toast, he proclaimed minutes later that he was hungry and in fact did not like his french toast...when told he wasn't eating anything else, he shouts...}
"nobody wants to give me any food!"

{he speaks in run on sentences...and talks all the time}
"i talk a lot of words!"

{suffering from chapped lips lately, this is what he calls it}
"mom, my lips are rubber"

{after changing the sheets on his bed, from regular cotton ones to flannel}
"i like the cold sheets, not the hot sheets"

{after i told him to go put some things away}
"okay, if that's really how you want it"

so many more...i just can't remember!

P.S. sorry to all my faithful readers, but i have enabled comment moderation and word verification...seems some people are up to no good these days!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

what have i done?

ever since i started blogging
my mind has changed
i used to go about my days
enjoying the highs
living through the lows
i still do
the only difference now is
there is this constant inner dialogue
swirling about in my mind
in which i think more
about the going ons around me
i pause more
i pay attention
i commit things to memory
i write things down
i take more photos
sometimes of things i would never normally capture

and while sometimes i find this annoying
i am also thankful

i am taking note
and that is a good thing.

so, fellow bloggers,
what has blogging done for you lately?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

new look

UPDATE: i joined think thin thursdays
goal for this week:
stop eating like i am eating for two
baby steps...not baby eating!
original post...
i am a believer that black is slimming
so why not on my blog too?

speaking of slimming...
that's what i plan on working on this year!
i lost 20 pounds last year right after the new year
it found it's way home
i plan to lose it and make sure it has no map
just in case it wants to visit again!

and since i have been
things in our life this past year
i plan to do the same with goals this year
keep it simple
shed the poundage!

what are your plans for the new year?