Monday, January 19, 2009

we're still here...

so i realize it has been a while
since i have posted any pics
good explanation for that
i just haven't taken any!
until today that is,
a day off
it got up to 72 degrees
and we enjoyed it!

we laced up our sneaks
and headed to the park

where the sunshine got to this guy!
gave him a little high!

where we confirmed
that her legs are really that long!

and, well, his are not!
{note the anger starting to fester!}

and where he became so mad
that his legs are not longer,
that he placed himself
face to face with this pole!
not sure if it helped
but he came away from it
with a new 'tude!

the only thing not enjoyable about today?
my thighs!
there are no words to describe the fire
that emanates from my quads.
thank you jillian!
you are doing your job!

speaking of have until weds.
to enter to win my 30 day shred DVD
you won't be sorry, well,maybe you will,
but really you won't!


lesley said...

i cant believe those legs!!!

The Wife O Riley said...

My oldest daughter is short for her age, but her legs are really long like your daughter's.

jori-o said...

stopping by for the first time--your kids are so cute! I am all-too familiar with the standing-with-my-arms-crossed-and-pouting thing! Glad you enjoyed your day--now I've gotta enter your giveaway!! =)

Shalee- Be Speechless said...

I wish I had legs like that! I stopped growing when I was 11.. so I am stuck a measly 5'2... my husband is a foot taller than me. haha

The Blonde Duck said...

She could be a supermodel!

grandma mary said...

they are soo cute and I miss them soooo! Grandma Mary

angi_b72 said...

wow...her legs remind me of mine when i was little...too cute...looks like you had a great day off!! Were you off yesterday also?

Aubrey said...

I'm on my way to enter!