Friday, January 16, 2009


i try not to do much of it
because most of what
we all worry about is out of our control
except, now,
i am worried
but that is another post...

i don't think i have used the word
around the big girl lately
maybe she just feels it
but very timely that today,
in the car,
on the way home,
she brings it up.
timely because news from work
has me worried

here was the conversation:

big girl: "mommy, what are some things you worry about?"

{pause on my i lay the weight of our world
on her tiny shoulders, or do i gloss it over?
i went for middle of the road}

me: "i worry about being a good mommy"

big girl: "but mommy, you are a good mommy"

{needed that, thanks girl!}

me: "i also worry about you and your brother staying healthy"

big girl: "mom, we are healthy!"

{so i inquire...what do you worry about?}

big girl: "well, i am going to say this, but it does not mean i am worried about it"

{at which point i think she is going to lay something heavy out there
and i am driving, should i pullover for this?}

big girl: "i worry that when cows and horses are eating their grass, they might eat, well, you know, their poop!"

{and i wanted to say, yes, i too worry about eating a crap sandwich!}


lesley said...

she is so sweet! I wish that was all i had to worry about!!!

angi_b72 said...

lol...she is so funny!! I wish that is all we had to worry about!!
I love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

my worry is: we will never watch livy or mason grow

The Wife O Riley said...

She's so cute!

I hope what you are worried about, is something you come to find out that you shouldn't have worried.

Does that make any sense?

Shauna said...

LOL... Hope you have a great weekend! L♥ve and Hugs :)

Amanda said...

I read this the other day but didn't comment, and I've found myself thinking about it and smiling every now and then. She's hilarious! She'll love this story one day when she's older.