Saturday, April 10, 2010

i need a vacation!

yes i know,
we just returned
but the saying could not be
more true!

i need a vacation
to recoop
from our vacation!

we had a blast,
and have soooo
many things to blog about!

from earthquakes
to a donny osmond collision,
to aggressive squirrel families!

never a dull moment!

until then...enjoy...

Friday, April 2, 2010

{keeping secrets}

not usually a fan
i can keep them
but if it is a secret
of the surprise variety
it's hard to

but i have a secret
a big one
hubs and i know
the kids don't

and it is worth sharing
the daughter is no fan
of secrets and surprises
that she is not in on
this should be tons of fun!

i'll let ya in on it...
but don't tell...
we are taking the kids to disneyland!
their first time going!
{we will also hit legoland and the beach!}

i fully expect them to lose their minds!
that is, if i don't lose mine first
trying to pull this off!

have a great weekend
happy easter everyone!