Sunday, June 28, 2009

she's baaa-aack!

okay, so i never really went anywhere,
except across the country and back!
more posts and pics on that soon!
but i am here...just busy with
enjoying our summer
and time off school
and really,
i thought i'd have more
of my summer to do list
crossed off,
but of course i do not!
still have 6 weeks!

stay tuned for more on our adventure...

until then...feast on these:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

7 days :: 7 states

started last saturday
left california
swooned over how beautiful
arizona is
crawled through
new mexico
tumbled in to
where everything is bigger
met the humidity in
which led us to our
destination of
where we have been
enjoying hanging out
swimming, eating, playing
and yesterday we ventured
into beautiful
for a stop at silver dollar city
which didn't stay beautiful
for long once the sky
opened up on us!
had us wondering if ark building skills
were necessary!

we have decided to leave a day early
in order to catch sight of:
the memorial in downtown
oklahoma city
and the hole that is
the grand canyon
and several stops in between!

i promise many pics soon to come!
ta ta for now!

Friday, June 5, 2009

memories in the making!

we are off on our road trip
first thing in the am
25 hours in the car
3 days of driving

we have not taken
a long road trip since we moved
so we are excited to hit
the open road

in all previous road trips
we have made some awesome
and some not so awesome

like the time we nearly lost
the load on the travel
rack on the top of the jeep
stressful, good times.

or the time when i was still nursing
and i forgot the most integral
part to the pump
and in the middle of the night,
while hubs was driving,
i thought i would drown in milk
or pass out from the pain!
where was a wal mart when we needed one???

or that same trip,
after we finally found a wal mart
for said pump part,
hubs came out to the car
with a donut and a candle in it
singing me happy birthday

or when we first realized
that when traveling with kids
they dictate the schedule

or when we counted the number
of billboards advertising
walnut bowls in missouri
and wondering how many
people stop and buy themselves
a famed walnut bowl

our kids are much older now
there are so many new memories
to be made on this road trip
i am excited that they will
remember this trip,
for better or worse!
and that we have many days ahead
of uninterrupted family time
for better or worse!

good times ahead!

i will occasionally
check in here
and if you follow me on
twitter or facebook
{click to kow you want a
blow by blow of the griswald's next adventure!}
i will be tweeting/facebooking
from the road,
which might be humorous
or maybe stressful,
who knows!

need to finish packing
and since we always forget something,
any guesses what we will forget this time???

Thursday, June 4, 2009

swap time ladies

i am so excited for this!
i have done a mamarazzi
swap before and it rocked!

click on won't be sorry!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

lists and looking back

i love to make lists
i don't always accomplish
everything on them
but just getting the
swirling thoughts out of
my head helps!

so in preparation
for our upcoming road trip
{25 hours cross country...another blog post}
i actually have a notebook
of to do lists!
and those to do lists were
broken down into days...
and so far so good!
in fact i am a little ahead
but somehow,
i know that the night before we leave
i'll still be jumping through my arse
to get it all together!
old habits die hard!

in other news...our weekend...
well, back up to last thursday
the kids had kajukembo
and the big girl has been
working so hard
on her forms
and she decided she wanted to
show her instructor her kata
thinking he might give her a few
things to work on...
but instead, she earned
a stripe on her belt!
she was beside herself
and i was so proud
i nearly cried!
way to go girl!

mason graduated from preschool!
is he handsome or what?

we let him pick a lunch spot
and we took them to see UP!
{awesome movie!}
at lunch, he wanted to show me
a trick with milk in his mouth...
so he fills his mouth with milk,
and opens it to tell me to look...
and milk cascades down the front of him!
poor planning buddy, maybe next time!

we took the kids to their
first MLBaseball game...
and due to persistent
camera battery problems,
we didn't get but one pic
on the camera!

i took some on my phone
i will try to upload later...
the kids had a good time
although they both let us
know that they didn't really watch
note to self...leave them at home
next time and we can make it a date!

so the rest of my week is
planning and packing!