Thursday, July 30, 2009

{oh no he didn't!}

if you know our
little big guy
in real life
you know he is a boy's boy
he is rough and tumble
he is hands on
he is passionate!

he loves nothing more
than wrestling with daddy on the floor

so about six months ago,
when he also wanted
to wrestle with his friends in preschool,
we decided to give him an outlet for his energy:
martial arts!
and a match made in heaven they are!
he loves every minute of it!
he is learning to defend himself,
when it is appropriate to do so,
and that discipline and hard work pay off!
he earned his yellow belt {with white stripe}
recently and is so proud of his accomplishment!
he has also filled us in on his plans...
to become an mma fighter when he grows up...oiy!

so last week, he went to
vacation bible school
on the first day he comes home with a shiner!
apparently he was intentionally
pushed by another
energetic young lad
{this according to the teacher}
and did a face plant on the play structure.
okay, those things happen, he shrugged it off,
and i was just thankful he didn't start it!
the next day i am buckling him in the car
and i see two red scratch marks on his neck
i ask about it and he says some boy did it
but he conveniently couldn't remember the rest!
alrighty then...maybe a lesson
on love thy neighbor
could be covered in vbs???
so a few days later, he asks me to feel
the back of his ear.
i do, and much to my surprise, it is all scratched up
and scabbed over!
i ask what happened and this is the conversation:

him: well remember the day i had the scratches on my neck?

me: yes...

him: well, i might get in trouble for telling you this...

me: just tell me, you will not be in trouble!

him: well, this boy, he scratched me on the neck
i don't know why, but i did what sifu said to do when
we get attacked...

me: {as the blood drains from my face} and that is?

him: i put him in a full mount

me: you what?!?!?!

him: i put him in a full mount

me: i heard you! why on earth did you do that? and at bible school?

him: cuz i was defending myself

me: ummm...okay...

him: it ended when he grabbed my ear

me: at bible school honey?!

him: yeah, and when i get older i am going to do it in one of those cages!

o heavens...a conversation followed
concerning the fact that he is going to K
in a few weeks
and he is NOT to touch another person
even if he thinks he is defending himself
i gently reminded him that mommy
works at the school and i will know
what goes on...
except i don't think he cares!
this might be a long school year!

Monday, July 20, 2009

he's ferocious, and he's five!

our little big guy
is 5 today!

this boy is 100% full of:


unbridled energy







the list goes on!

have a great day sweet kiddo!

we love you!

mommy, daddy, and big sis

{mason got to navigate yesterday when daddy took him fishing!}

P.S. for a special story about his day of birth click here!

Friday, July 17, 2009

friday faves

{these are a few of my favorite things...}

i eat so many of these during the summer
and the only place to get really great ones
is the local farmers market
i eat them with everything...yum!

this little guy is a must!
especially with kids...
and speaking of kids,
they are well trained in its use!
especially the boy!

remember this post?
well i changed gears a little
and joined the women's class
OMG...addicted to kickboxing now!
i have lost several inches all over
in a matter of weeks,
have so much more energy
and just feel better!
i hate working out
but this class i love!
{and yes, hubs bought me the rockin' pink gloves!}

this salsa is to die for
it is fresh and yummy on
just about everything
i eat a lot of it...
and a neat fun fact...
the one i love was designed
esp for disney theme parks!

how do i love thee?
let me count the ways...
i cannot live without my cell
and look forward to upgrading soon...
i smell a blackberry curve in my future!
so what are some of your faves???

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what the...?

i have uttered this phrase a lot lately...

like when we went to the park last night
and within 10 sec of being there
the big girl had two bites on her legs!
seriously, this girl attracts all bugs
of the biting variety!
she is always the only one in the fam
to get bites
no matter where we are!
and she has a tendency to
have a reaction to them
so much so that in the beginning of the summer
it warranted a trip to the doctor!
it is nuts!
i mean, i know she is sweet,
but give the girl a break!

and today, i thought what the...?
when we went to the free movie
and the four young children next to us
were being dropped off
by a relative to watch the movie while
that person ran errands!?
seriously? the kids ranged in age from
6-9, {i asked!}
and as soon as said adult left
they were at each other's throats!
thankfully the movie started soon after,
but am i the only one who frowns on using
the local movie theater as a babysitter
for such young ones????

oh, and then there was my announcing
what the...? loud and clear
in the grocery store
when the son, who was carrying the
loaf of bread, hands me a half
loaf of bread at the register!
i asked what happened,
{after saying what the...? out loud}
and he says,
"mommy the thing came off
way back there"
clearly meaning the twist tie,
and well, half the loaf!
i turn to look and here is a bagger
following us picking up bread!
we left a good trail!

so what has made you say
what the...?

{and would you participate in a weekly
what the...?
post if i hosted?}

Monday, July 13, 2009

happens every year...

but this year it is early.
i get this dream
before school starts back up
every year
it is a stressful dream
i wake up worried and anxious
every teacher has probably
had them...
the dreaded
back to school dream!

i remember my first one...
THE night before my first day
of my teaching career!
nice timing!

in the dream, i was a teacher
in the fifth grade classroom
in the elementary school
i attended as a child
and the kids were unruly,
outta control
and the easiest task of the day
was proving too much for this
novice teacher: attendance!
i just couldn't get it right!

every year since
i have had some sort of school
but it is usually closer to the start of school
and they have become dreams about
bigger and bigger

like last night's...
i was teaching history to hs students {prob #1!}
and i had no clue what i was teaching
and the kids knew
and as you can imagine
hs kids love a weak spot
it was a feeding frenzy
and i was their lunch!
and no matter how many times
i woke up
went back to sleep
it was still there!
{why does that happen with bad dreams but not good ones?}

i am sort of hoping
that since this dream
arrived early, i might not have
another closer to school...
so what about you?
any dreams of the sort
that are recurrent???
i know i'm not the only one...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

its a swap thing!

so mamarazzi's swaps are the best!
you must do her next one...
coming soon i hear!

all very practical things!

thanks vanessa!

{click on over to see what i sent her!}

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

{rolling out the welcome mat!}

loitering is allowed
shirts and shoes not required
no need to clean up after yourself
snoop in my medicine cabinet
root through my junk drawer!
and stay as long as you like!
thanks heather and tiffany
and the whole SITSAhood!
what an amazing bunch of wo{men}!