Monday, July 13, 2009

happens every year...

but this year it is early.
i get this dream
before school starts back up
every year
it is a stressful dream
i wake up worried and anxious
every teacher has probably
had them...
the dreaded
back to school dream!

i remember my first one...
THE night before my first day
of my teaching career!
nice timing!

in the dream, i was a teacher
in the fifth grade classroom
in the elementary school
i attended as a child
and the kids were unruly,
outta control
and the easiest task of the day
was proving too much for this
novice teacher: attendance!
i just couldn't get it right!

every year since
i have had some sort of school
but it is usually closer to the start of school
and they have become dreams about
bigger and bigger

like last night's...
i was teaching history to hs students {prob #1!}
and i had no clue what i was teaching
and the kids knew
and as you can imagine
hs kids love a weak spot
it was a feeding frenzy
and i was their lunch!
and no matter how many times
i woke up
went back to sleep
it was still there!
{why does that happen with bad dreams but not good ones?}

i am sort of hoping
that since this dream
arrived early, i might not have
another closer to school...
so what about you?
any dreams of the sort
that are recurrent???
i know i'm not the only one...


Jen said...

I already had a back to school dream too, but it was not too bad. I was just getting things cleaned up.

My normal back to school freak out dream usually has to do with me being completely unprepared....wait, that is my normal back to school reality.
Glad you are back on the blog...I have missed you!

missy said...

oh no you are not the only one!!!!!!!
i have a dream that drives me crazy too......not about school but about a family issue.....grrrrrrr!!!!!!

Just Julie said...

I dream that I am back in school as a student...ususally high school, you know, like I actually didn't graduate and need to pass this test to get my diploma. Sometimes I dream it about my Ga Tech degree.

Finding Normal said...

I always have anxiety-ridden back-to-school dreams. This year I had them at the beginning of the summer, like my brain had to rid itself of all the crap I went through this year. UGH. Hate them!

Aubrey said...

Shhhh, don't tell my hubby BUT I always have a recurring about my first high school boyfriend. Eeeek!