Friday, July 17, 2009

friday faves

{these are a few of my favorite things...}

i eat so many of these during the summer
and the only place to get really great ones
is the local farmers market
i eat them with everything...yum!

this little guy is a must!
especially with kids...
and speaking of kids,
they are well trained in its use!
especially the boy!

remember this post?
well i changed gears a little
and joined the women's class
OMG...addicted to kickboxing now!
i have lost several inches all over
in a matter of weeks,
have so much more energy
and just feel better!
i hate working out
but this class i love!
{and yes, hubs bought me the rockin' pink gloves!}

this salsa is to die for
it is fresh and yummy on
just about everything
i eat a lot of it...
and a neat fun fact...
the one i love was designed
esp for disney theme parks!

how do i love thee?
let me count the ways...
i cannot live without my cell
and look forward to upgrading soon...
i smell a blackberry curve in my future!
so what are some of your faves???


Jen said...

*walking on soft green grass in the summer
*reading a great book on the hammock when the sun is getting ready to go down
*grilling out with friends
*being home with my girl all summer long

TOMATOES...YUM! Best with some salt and pepper!!!

jenjen said...

Good favorites! I love fresh tomatoes too! I also love reading in the sun, sleeping in, the pool, chips and salsa accompanied by a frosty diet coke, pedicures!