Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what the...?

i have uttered this phrase a lot lately...

like when we went to the park last night
and within 10 sec of being there
the big girl had two bites on her legs!
seriously, this girl attracts all bugs
of the biting variety!
she is always the only one in the fam
to get bites
no matter where we are!
and she has a tendency to
have a reaction to them
so much so that in the beginning of the summer
it warranted a trip to the doctor!
it is nuts!
i mean, i know she is sweet,
but give the girl a break!

and today, i thought what the...?
when we went to the free movie
and the four young children next to us
were being dropped off
by a relative to watch the movie while
that person ran errands!?
seriously? the kids ranged in age from
6-9, {i asked!}
and as soon as said adult left
they were at each other's throats!
thankfully the movie started soon after,
but am i the only one who frowns on using
the local movie theater as a babysitter
for such young ones????

oh, and then there was my announcing
what the...? loud and clear
in the grocery store
when the son, who was carrying the
loaf of bread, hands me a half
loaf of bread at the register!
i asked what happened,
{after saying what the...? out loud}
and he says,
"mommy the thing came off
way back there"
clearly meaning the twist tie,
and well, half the loaf!
i turn to look and here is a bagger
following us picking up bread!
we left a good trail!

so what has made you say
what the...?

{and would you participate in a weekly
what the...?
post if i hosted?}


John Deere Mom said...

Yes, I would participate. And little kids being dropped off a the movies? Nofreakingway. And my favorite twist on "what the...?" thanks to my good friend Mr. Crabs on Spongebob? "What the halibut?!"

Aubrey said...

A weekly "what the...?" I AM IN!

Bug bites suck!

missy said...

that sounds fun!!!!!!
i am the one in our family that always gets the bug bites........and yes i do think {W.T......}

angi_b72 said...

maybe this will get me to blog at least once a week again...i had a what the.....last week...a varmit I found in my "house"...i will save it for my first post!!

Jen said...

I posted a what the....? on my blog for you!