Sunday, July 20, 2008

happy birthday

Dear Mason,

It is hard to believe you are 4 years old today! How time flies! You are such a special little guy and we love you so much! You don't remember, but you will know this story one day:

July 20, 2004, as you came into this world, you passed an angel on the way. I am sure she stopped to say hello and chose her departure time so she could do so! You see, just a few hours before you were born, my Nana, your great grandma left us. So sad to lose her, yet a few hours later, there you were, a bundle of beautiful joy! We have no doubt that you met her, she gave you her spunk! In the following days, during what was sad and difficult, you lifted everyone above that, and you didn't even know it! Thank you!

We love your laughs, your energy, and yes, your spunk!

Happy birthday Mason!

Love, mom, dad and 'sissy'
mason enjoying his birthday breakfast!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

busy week, long post

No, I have not gone into hiding! We had a very busy week...grandma and grandpa were here all week and we were busy having fun! Here is sort of a week in review...


the kids pitched in and made a cake for grandma and grandpa's visit.

Sunday and Monday

playing and pondering in the park

who me? I didn't eat the donut!


...a special day! Olivia and Mason were baptized at St. Mary's.

grandma and grandpa are our godparents!

Wednesday and Thursday

took us to a cheese factory, feeding animals and playing in the river!

Fiesta Friday!
a birthday party for mason, two days early so we could celebrate with grandma and grandpa!
fun fun fun

yep, i'm (almost) 4!

Sweet week...we started the week with cake and ended it with cake, and had a whole lot of fun in between! We had so much fun! Thanks for the visit grandma and grandpa! We love you!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

i told you...

...obsessed! he even napped with the chopsticks!

disclaimer: no children were injured during this ordeal. chopsticks were safely removed after photo op!

chopstick mania

Our kids have a thing for chopsticks. It started before Kung Fu Panda, but since the movie it has grown. Eating with them, playing with them, you name it, they enjoy it! But you can only reuse the cheap wooden ones from the Japanese restaurant so many times!

So I went online looking for the kids reusable kind. I found them at, along with the cute plate and bowl set. After much anticipation, they finally arrived. Right now they are in seperate areas of the house doing their thing with the chopsticks...mason playing like Po and olivia 'cooking' with them.

Let's hope they want to use them at the dinner table tonight!

olivia got pink, mason blue

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

random ramblings

Yes, I am still here. I apologize for not posting in the last week or more...just up to the daily grind of summer. Here is a brief recap in pics and words!
We had a great, very quiet 4th! We just stayed home, made mini burgers and hotdogs and caught some fireworks...

kids playing football pre-fireworks and dad giving direction to team guyll

mason acting coy...this after he made off with our camera at the fireworks and was snapping shots of random people! a little young to be a papparazzi, but the right state!

olivia just being, well, olivia...


Also on the holiday weekend, we finally finished our bedroom makeover! Woohoo! No picture yet, but look for one soon!

Yesterday was a big day in our household! While we have enjoyed the benefit of being a no car payment family for a while, we have not enjoyed being a one car family so much! So after doing some homework, we decided it was time to take the plunge into another car payment cess pool! Yuck!

Here is what we now have...

it has the seal of approval from the kids...they are just stoked that the back windows go down ALL THE WAY! I wish they were always that easy to please!

And, yes, these photos were being snapped at the gas station last night. We bought a truck on empty! Nice! Anyhoo...I just want to this next picture why I am paying $4.50 for gas?

is the TV really necessary at the pump!?!?! I personally think it is there to make us forget for a moment that the pump is bleeding us dry!

Good day, and I promise not to wait so long to post again...

Oh yeah, I joined what my sister says is for old ladies...Curves. Because I have too many of them! So tonight is my first foray into the circuit...let's hope it doesn't kill me!