Saturday, July 19, 2008

busy week, long post

No, I have not gone into hiding! We had a very busy week...grandma and grandpa were here all week and we were busy having fun! Here is sort of a week in review...


the kids pitched in and made a cake for grandma and grandpa's visit.

Sunday and Monday

playing and pondering in the park

who me? I didn't eat the donut!


...a special day! Olivia and Mason were baptized at St. Mary's.

grandma and grandpa are our godparents!

Wednesday and Thursday

took us to a cheese factory, feeding animals and playing in the river!

Fiesta Friday!
a birthday party for mason, two days early so we could celebrate with grandma and grandpa!
fun fun fun

yep, i'm (almost) 4!

Sweet week...we started the week with cake and ended it with cake, and had a whole lot of fun in between! We had so much fun! Thanks for the visit grandma and grandpa! We love you!

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mary (mom and grandma) said...

Lori, your story for Mason of the day he was born was beautiful and moving!!! And yes, I too, believe that mom was aware of Mason and maybe even touched him on her way to a better place...Mason is very special gift for me, too. We are so blessed to have 4 special grandkids!! And we are blessed with 4 beautiful children. I thank God every night for just that!! Thank you for a wonderful time have a great little family!! We lo9ve you, mom and dad