Sunday, July 20, 2008

happy birthday

Dear Mason,

It is hard to believe you are 4 years old today! How time flies! You are such a special little guy and we love you so much! You don't remember, but you will know this story one day:

July 20, 2004, as you came into this world, you passed an angel on the way. I am sure she stopped to say hello and chose her departure time so she could do so! You see, just a few hours before you were born, my Nana, your great grandma left us. So sad to lose her, yet a few hours later, there you were, a bundle of beautiful joy! We have no doubt that you met her, she gave you her spunk! In the following days, during what was sad and difficult, you lifted everyone above that, and you didn't even know it! Thank you!

We love your laughs, your energy, and yes, your spunk!

Happy birthday Mason!

Love, mom, dad and 'sissy'
mason enjoying his birthday breakfast!

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Gibson Twins said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog- read along anytime you want! I look forward to reading yours as well, I just bookmarked it.

Where in Ohio were you guys from? I am a transplant from PA but now we live southeast of Cleveland (bad snows, hard rains, high humidity LOL)

Have a great week!