Sunday, August 3, 2008

My only excuse... enjoying the end of our summer! I go back to work tomorrow and school starts Wednesday, so we have been enjoying every minute of summer that we have...that is sort of why I have not posted. That, and I have about 10 posts going in my head and wasn't sure where to start.

Since I return to work work tomrrow, I had a day largely to myself yesterday! (Thanks honey!) I started the day off with a pedicure, always nice, except if you are the one doing the work! Then I cashed in on a birthday gift from Kelly, an hour massage! No words to describe that! (Thanks again honey!) Then I met the kids and Kelly for lunch at a local burger joint and I was off again. A little retail therapy! Perhaps one of the best things about back to school: back to school clothes shopping! Woo hoo! I have vivid memories of doing this as a kid, except back then, we went mid July and put everything on lay-a-way! Which I could have used yesterday! Oh well! I had fun and was recharged when I got back home!

As much as I hate to see summer come to an end, as I do so much enjoy my days off, I am now perfectly understanding of why my mother always said, at a certain point in the summer, that she was happy for us to return to school! Lordy, it seems like the last two weeks, Olivia and Mason have found new, creative, and all around annoying ways to get under eachother's skin! So, yes, I am saying it! Thank goodness school starts soon! Perhaps their being apart during the day will create a new oneness when they are together. Yeah right!

Well, I promise not to go so long without posting next!

I leave you with this: last night Kelly and I played Scrabble, which is not an easy thing to convince him to do! This is what the board looked like 3/4 of the way into the game! We could NOT build onto the other side and we got to a point where we were not enjoying the game! Kelly insists it was all because of the first word, made by me...ovum. I agree, creative, but crappy to build off!

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