Saturday, August 16, 2008

fun family weekend

yes, i know the weekend is not over yet, but tomorrow is yard work and cleaning house, so really, the fun part of the weekend is over...

but fun it was...

Friday was movie night...Spiderwick was the movie of choice accompanied by pizza and popcorn! Not sure which the kids enjoyed more, the movie or the jiffy pop on the stove top.

Saturday evening we did one of our favorite things, which we do once a month: we go to this wonderful, delicious and family owned Japanese restaurant, Sukiyaki, and then we walk across the parking lot to 'Mr. T's Delicate Donuts', (no lie, that's the name and they are so, so good!). The kids LOVE this and they eat every bite of food, and of course their donut! olivia's fave, besides the ginormous chocolate donut, is the miso soup!

Tonight, in between massive bites of his pink icing cake donut, mason exclaims,
"I'm killin this thing!"

And as soon as he was finished, belly full and sticking out, he says,
"Our work here is done!"

he cracks us up...and he knows it! (uncle jeff comes to mind here..was the same way!)

Kelly sums up our japanese/donut excursion by saying: "nothing like some raw fish and a long john to get you through the day!"

well said honey! until next month...


lesley said...

sounds like fun!!!

Mandy said...

This sounds like the perfect night. My hubby and I are avid movie watchers, and are also members of the Blockbuster on-line! We also LOVE Japanese food. I am actually getting a little jealous LOL!

Haven't seen Spiderwick, yet. I want to read the books first. I hear it is good, though.

mom said...

sounds like my kind of night!!!

I can actually hear him say those things. love you all, mom

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Miss you guys!!

Love Angie

Jesse said...

Hope you are enjoying California. We moved from Sacramento. We are enjoying it here, so far. Ask me again in January or February! As for your weekend, sounds like weekends we sometimes have. We are diehard sushi fans, so I can relate to your satisfaction with your dinner. We left behind what in our minds was the greatest sushi place in Sacramento. But, we foundan awesome place a mile from our house.

4under3 said...

How long have you known me??? It's so nice to meet you. Was this your first comment over at my place? Because I'm sure it was....I would have remembered that sweet picture of your two gazing at the water in front of them here on your site.

Glad you had a great weekend. I love movie night and popcorn. And my husband laughs when I have to have my pulpy glass of OJ with it. And one more thing, I just ate sushi for the first time a few weeks ago. Loved it! What kind is your favorite? I'd love to know.