Wednesday, August 6, 2008

back in the saddle

Today was a big day. It was the first day of first grade...make that the first day of the next 16 years of school for our big girl! She was giddy this morning and it lasted throughout the day, as I got to peek in on her with her being at my school now! Woohoo! She was pretty stoked about daddy taking her to her class this morning too!

...but before class, there was a little art to tend to on my boards...recognize the spongy sea creature?
Since school is back in session, that means our little mason is spending his days with the preschoolers! He has adjusted VERY well to napping at school and informs me every day when I pick him up that there is no need for a nap at home, he already took one! And today, they made little houses in arts and crafts and the teacher asked each of them who they lived with in their house...all of them responding family of course...not mason! He says he lives with pirates! SO up on the wall is his adorable house which says "I live in Oakdale with pirates" Some days I feel that way buddy!
1 day down, 181 to go baby!


Anonymous said...

Livy, you look so beautiful and grown up on your first day of school!! Macy start on the 19th and Emily doesn't start until Sept 3rd!!
Love and miss you guys!

lesley said...

Oh she looks so cute!! I both of your first days were good!! Love ya!!

lesley said...

I meant i hope both of your 1st days of school was good!

Gibson Twins said...

School here must start late, atleast this year. I haven't seen even one school bus yet so far. I love this time of year though.

Oh and I love the idea for nap times- I still take naps sometimes :)

Love the first day pics!!!!