Friday, August 29, 2008

could you hear my heart breaking?

first, you need to know this about my big boy...
he does not like messes:
sticky fingers,
messy mouth,
a drop of honey on his shirt,
doesn't like ANY of it.
needs to be wiped off RIGHT away.
you also need to know that in the one and a half years he has been potty trained, he has had one accident,
and it crushed him like a crunchy fall leaf.

today: i pick him up from preschool.
it is a 4 minute drive from our house.
he says, "i have to go potty"
I say, "almost home bud"
we chat about lunch
"mommy, i really have to go"
followed by tears
through tears he admits to "going right now"
he was out of control crying
my heart broke

he is not the kid who needs reminded to go, who needs to be told, he doesn't tell us, he just goes
no high maintanence

i tried consoling him with words, but he would not be consoled
we got home and cleaning him up helped
but still makes me so sad, because it made him so sad.

a reminder of being a mommy or a daddy:
we feel joy in their joys
we feel sorrow in their sorrows


mom said...

yes, we do have joy and sorrow with your childen... and we miss the heck out of them when they are away!!!! Ilve you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Poor boy, that about made me cry reading it!!
Love and MIss you guys!