Monday, August 4, 2008

do you think anyone would notice?

I have a plan...I am bringing naptime to the 6th grade! Just a power nap! I am sure I could find the research to support this! Almost everyday this summer, I was a willing participant when my cuddle bug toddler would say at naptime, "mommy, lay down with me" How can I say no!? So I would, and 30 minutes later, wake, fully refreshed for the rest of the day!

So today
my first day back to work...
came home...

I love my naps...goodbye naps. See you next summer!


4under3 said...

-I LOVE naps too!

-So do our 4 children.

-And, I used to teach first grade.

-And, I personally LOVED 6th grade the best while in school myself.

-But, I'd NEVER be fully refreshed after a little 30 minute nap.

-I'm jealous.

-And thanks for stopping by.

lesley said...

im just seeing if i can leave a comment!!

Kathleen said...

Used to love those come sit with mommy and watch Arthur naps. Or Mr. Rogers, I was quick to nod on that one.

Now that I am back in the classroom I would have to agree that naps in school might be good.