Tuesday, May 26, 2009

note to self

listen to my inner voice
more often!
like today
when i was gearing myself
up to go to kickboxing
there was this little voice
what? for reals?
and she should have been
listened to!

because this was not
your modern day
kickboxing class
where you show up and
sweat it out to a
new dance mix tune
oh, hecks no!

let me set the scene:
martial arts training center
like where real kickboxing
dudes and their mma cohorts
sweat it out!
and all the tattooed gents sport
the shiny boxing shorts
and the only other girl in the class,
who i was paired up with,
was a pumped up, tattooed,
sinead o'connor look alike
that let me know she is used
to street fighting in east san jose!
off to a great start!
{in all fairness, she rocked and i think i made a new friend!}
it started out with a flurry of
blocks, punches, kicks, turns
and i was hanging in there
despite the 5 pounds of sweat
already rolling off me just halfway
through the class!

oh, wait, did i mention that
i am soooooo not in shape?

i think about halfway through
i even begged her to go ahead
and make contact,
knock me out already!

but she lassoed her street fighting ways
and i had to suffer on!
so five min left in class
i'm thinking,
great, time to cool down!
and then it happened!
we were sentenced to 5 cold hard min
of a circuit, most of which
i cannot recall
as i was trying not to hurl
or pass out in front of these tough
men and woman!

i hear 'last time'
and i am so overjoyed
i can barely stand up,
ok, so i was barely standing
because my lungs were trying
to collapse, details, details!

and then it happened!
as it turns out, we had one min
of class time left!
and what else to do,
other than get a drink
and find the nearest O2 machine????

why, 50 sit ups of course!
by this time, hubs had arrived
to rescue me,
but only after i attempted the
50 sit ups!
he just beamed from ear to ear
with pride that i had hung in there,
all the while i had visions of hanging
him, who got me into this mess!

but you know what?
it wasn't all for not!
in addition to the major water weight
i must have shed,
hubs did the dishes when we got home,
{which he tends not to touch when i am not working in the summer!}
somehow, it just doesn't balance out!

note to self
join the women's class!


Mighty M said...

Haha!! Funny post! I bet if you kept going you'd fit right in soon enough!! :-)

lesley said...

lol!! that is funny!!

missy said...

good luck!!!!!!
i think it is awesome you even signed up......

Aunt of 14 said...

OH NO!!!! Was this your first time kickboxing? I don't know what I would have done in your shoes! You brave gal... you!

Kayla said...

Sounds like hard work! Shame on your husband for making you do that. :D

Anonymous said...

Very funny, but Lori Ann you could get hurt in that class....try something more for you...Iknow see if they have ZOOMBA--I think you would so like it...I do. love ya , mom

Aubrey said...

I am laughing hysterically! Only because I could totally see myself in you! LOL

So when is your next session??