Monday, May 11, 2009

please forgive me...

i have a confession to make:

i have not seen

  • star wars

  • star trek

  • it's a woderful life

  • miracle on 34th street

now before you go all crazy

and pass seriously lame judgment

on me

i assure you

i am somewhat cultured:

  • i eat sushi

  • i read

  • and i like scrabble

so when hubs suggested we see

the new star trek

i was confused!


what is there to see?

i have gotten this far in life

without seeing any!

but i obliged...

and don't tell him i said this:

i enjoyed it!

now to my cultured list

i can add star trek... that better?


Mighty M said...

I have seen all those movies! And I look forward to the new one too - glad you enjoyed yourself!! ;-)

missy said...

i have not watched those movies either!!!!!!

angi_b72 said...

How about Sound of Music??? I haven't seen the ones you mentioned either...and don't care to!

lesley said...

you liked it?! are you a trekkie now?

mom said...

are you kids crazy--I am sure you all saw its a wonderful life when you were young and yes, I loved the old tv series of star trek with wm., mom

jenjen said...

I am with you. I'm not a big Scifi person, but I am going to see that. I think Captain Kirk looks dreamy. I'm glad you thought it was good. Thanks for the recommendation!