Thursday, May 28, 2009

on second thought...

life would be dull
if it weren't for
our ability to
'think twice'
about things...
in the past few days
i have thought twice
on many occasions!

1. calling 911

i have never had to call before
but one afternoon
this guy in the suv behind
me was driving like a mad man
swerving from one side
of the road to the next
i got over to turn and
almost got hit by
his erratic driving!
as he passes, i see he has
handicap plates
so i worry that
something is wrong
i'm nice like that!
i follow him and
dial 911
this is what i get:
{the slooooooowest talker ever which i thought rather ironic!}
anyhoo, due to the small town we live in,
he needed to transfer my call,
which resulted in being disconnected!
{not so handy in a life threatening situation i presume!}
so by this time, said motorist
is pulling into a car dealer
it dawns on me...
this yahoo was a service guy
testing out his repairs!
i followed him and kindly told him
what i thought of his maneuvers
on a public street.
like he cared!
next time?
i'll let him hit someone!

2. mc donald's

i took the kids for lunch
at the wretched place,
play place and all,
which generally makes
my skin crawl,
thinking of all the germs!
but i'm a cool mom,
so i indulged them...
but tell me this:
is working at mc donald's
so damn stressful
that you forget to put the food
in the happy meal boxes?
i cannot remember a time
that i have 'dined' at a golden arches
and they actually get the order correct!
what gives people???
next time?
packing lunch and hitting the park...
even if it is 100 degrees!

need i elaborate?
4. are we there yet?

the dreaded question came up
2 times yesterday
during a 20 min
car ride!
why is this making me
think twice you ask?
because in a week, we are hitting
the wide open highways and bi ways
of the US of A
for a 25 hour car ride!
what have we gotten ourselves into???
it is bad to have second thoughts
about something before it begins!
any guesses on how many times
we will hear that question on our trip?

so, what have you thought twice about lately???


Mighty M said...

Of course I'm blanking on my second thoughts but I know I have some! Can't believe that mechanic driving like that - someone could have been seriously injured!

jenjen said...

Hi Lori -
I have thought about calling 911 on some drivers, but never done it yet. Good for you for confronting him.

Have a super weekend!


Rachael said...

nothing really. i either think about it once + then it is gone forever or i dwell on it for ages. lol. the 911 though, wow!

Finding Normal said...

25 hours?!?!? I'm thinking twice about your sanity!

Aubrey said...

Letting my daughter spend this next week with the in-laws. I thought I wanted her home but then remembered the week she and the toddler had.

I want sanity more. LOL