Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wanton wednesday

at the park today
the big girl makes friends
with a girl,
all of 9,
there by herself.
do parents still do that?
i digress...
the girl keeps checking her
cell phone for the time.
when she leaves
the big girl informs me
that she gave her our
phone number
she gave out our digits
to someone she doesn't even know!?
i guess my thinking this was common sense
was way off the mark!
needless to say a safety convo ensued
lord, what else am i not thinking she will do!?
would it be rude of me
or simply community service
to pull over and tell the over excited
sign holder on the corner
that there does not need to be an
on the word fees!
is it possible for the hubs
to get one more blasted
work related
phone call or email to interrupt
whatever is going on
in our evening?
he ought to let me answer
they wouldn't call back.
oh yeah...and the funniest
from the little big guy today...
while spinning out of control
on the tire swing at the park
he says,
"i wanna live!"
me too honey, me too!


Finding Normal said...

Yikes on the phone number. I would so not send my kid to the park alone. I see lots of kids there with friends (tiny neighborhood park) but I would never let them go alone, and these are tweens and teens.
And AMEN to the phone calls. Seriously. And they call on Sunday night and Saturday morning and on holidays and early in the morning. I keep telling him that they're calling him because they KNOW he'll answer, so he gets to deal with disgruntled clients and put out fires because he answers. He has started turning the phone off. Finally.

4under3 said...

Oh, mommy, your blog header is smashingly fabulous!!! Love it my dear.

And the "I want to live" part has me in stitches.

Bye sweet friend,

angi_b72 said...

lol...the phone number thing is hilarious!!! Just wait...Emily and Macy walk around the house talking on their cell phones all the time...only Macy...being the "loud" one that she is ahs to walk around with it on speaker!! lol

I want to live to Mason!!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh, that is the cutest thing! I wanna live! Sounds like your kid is very outgoing!

Aubrey said...

9? At the park alone? Uh, nice.

I wonder if your hubby and my hubby are getting those horrid work calls/emails from the same person. LOL I HATE that. With a passion.