Wednesday, January 7, 2009

think thin thursday

The Not-So-Blog

it's thursday
think thin people!

my goal last week was to eat for one
i think i did that,
for the most part

my goal for next week:
drink only water (and my oj of course!)
i enjoy soda, but don't normally buy it at home
i would drink it all!
we bought some around the holidays...
i am pouring it out tonight.
water it is
baby steps!
until next week...


Mamarazzi said...

good for you! i am pretty sure my head would explode without my diet pepsi. but i also drink a ton of water! we have it delivered and it makes life soooo much easier. i find i drink more when i have easy access to it from an ugly water cooler in my kitchen.

Jen said...

I rejoined WW this week and my goal for the week is to drink more water. Great minds think alike!!