Tuesday, January 20, 2009

change, checkers, and what are the chances?

{don't forget the giveaway...way...way...way...tomorrow, last day!}

it's what we all need
watched the inauguration
with my students
so hopeful
so powerful
i hope they always remember
where they were when...
it was just one of those days.

we came home
we got the checkers out
{and i use the term checkers loosely, as you can see in the pic}

and the littles mastered the rules
of jumping, capturing and winning
the little big guy asked if it was
the kind of game where you yell
when you win!
i told him he could do whatever
he wanted when he won...
and that he did!

what are the chances?
some faithful readers...
{all 3 of you}
may remember when i blogged
about the bees
today, same spot
same red light
i pulled into a swarm of about 100 bees!
no bee truck in sight this time,
but these buggers were swarming
our truck and the car in front
again we frantically rolled the windows up,
'cause you know, it was nearly 70 again today!
but i digress...
what gives with the bees people?
i might find a new way home...
afraid of what we will find next week!


angi_b72 said...

what is up with the bees? Maybe you need to wash your jeep...it may have some hidden honey there somewhere!!

kimber p said...

that is awful and kinda funny at the same time... hidden honey..:) yeah, don't we all?

Aubrey said...

CHECKERS! That was pretty cute!

I just commented on another blog that my teen got to watch the inauguration during each class in school yesterday. What a day!

Tori said...

70. Degree. weather.

I'm so jealous.

Try 19 degrees lol.
I don't know the other bee post, but thats enough to make me seriously freak out! Beautiful blog! Stopping by from SITS!