Tuesday, February 10, 2009

attack of the toddler!

let me take you for a walk
down memory lane...
rewind to 2006,
and the little big guy
is 2
he likes to explore
he's a hands on kind of kid
and the face of an angel
don't forget that tidbit!
i am in the living room
performing the mundane
task of folding clothes
he is in the next room
just out of my line of sight
he is quiet
very quiet
i assume he is playing
i finished my folding
and as i go to put the clothes away
i see it
i drop the basket
and my jaw follows
i am frozen
not sure whether to
and he sits
with his angelic face
frozen on mine
in the middle of the mess.
that mess was my
to my laptop
picked apart
in 2 million pieces
not one key left in tact!
no lie
have you seen what is under your keys?
well, don't look!
he was busy playing alright!
playing surgeon
to my oh so healthy computer!
i gently picked him up
his eyes did not leave me
i set him in his room
i came back out and fell to my knees
wondering how in the world
i would fix this mess!
i performed surgery on my
for a good hour
there are so many tiny parts
i shudder to recall the memory.
why do i tell you this?
because every time i type
on my laptop
i am reminded of the handiwork
of my angelic 2 year old
my space bar has never been the same
my ess likes to get an attitude with me
do you know how often those two
buttons are pushed?
well they push my buttons every day!
and the little big guy...
still angelic
still hands on
and yes
pushes my buttons from time to time


kimber p said...

omg..I don't know whether to laugh or cry....lmao!

angi_b72 said...

lol that is a great post Lori!!!

Jen said...

I am not quite sure what I would have done.
It is when they are really quiet that you really need to worry.

Rachael said...

when those sweet little faces look back up with such innocence it is so hard to get angry...

Valerie said...

Love that story. So cute. You know when they are that quiet they are definately up to somethinig!

Aubrey said...

I remember you telling me this story before. I'm sorry...it's still a little funny. I'm SO glad it wasn't me!