Sunday, February 1, 2009

not me monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

i did not allow our son to stay in the same pajamas

for almost 48 hours

what mother would do that?
and what mother would joke with hubs
that if said son stepped out of the jammies,
the jammies would wander the house on their own?
who does that?
i, make that we, did not keep putting the kids off for breakfast
sat morning, just so we could sleep in
and i did not encourage them to go watch the movie
they watched the night before to buy more snooze time.
that would be neglectful!
i did not buy a chic red purse at the consignment shop sat
'cause lord knows, or should i say hubs knows,
i do not need another purse!
buying a purse would have been impulsive
even if i were to have gotten it on clearance for $4.50!
nope, not this purse obsessed gal!
i did not wait until sunday night
to enter grades online into my gradebook
only to find that i could not connect to the blasted thing!
that would be procrastinating
i know nothing of the sort!
i did not take a righteous nap saturday
which prevented me from making hubs dinner
before he left to watch the fight with the guys...
that would be lazy and selfish...and that is soooo not me!
well, maybe it was...
i did not get the laptop taken out of my lap
while watching the super bowl
as hubs thought i might give away the ending
since we were not caught up to live tv!
'cause this laptop is not an extension of my lap!
no way!
and lastly, i did not try to bribe the little big guy
into helping me pull the tooth
that is dangling from his sister's bottom gum line.
he was not promised ice cream if he successfully
helped me extract said tooth
we did not chase her around the house
and hold her down
and dig into her mouth
and i did not go on to have a gross dream
about my own teeth falling out
what did you not do?


Wayne said...

great not me monday I loved the part about the pj's walking around on there own.

I was also wondering if you would like to take part in tribute tuesday a blgo on my page it is a chance to pay tribute to some one who lights up your life. it has a mr linky so the world can see your tribute to a wonderful person.

Kara said...

no we would never leave our children in pajamas for almost 48 hours - no way - but footie pajamas are actually an outdoor clothing item, right? Well that's what my son believes. But I didn't tell him that - now way not me.

Aubrey said...

That purse you DIDN'T buy??? DON'T pass it my way! LOL

Brooke said...

Happy Not Me! Monday. Congrats on making the Top 10 on the blog carnival this week. Exciting stuff!

The Blonde Duck said...

That is so funny! I did not blow off an article for my editor to play tennis with my husband...

kimber p said...

omg..this whole thing is so funny! Lori, do you know Jamie hasn't even opened that DVD yet? I think she's scared! lmao....

Anonymous said...

I love how you said you took a righteous nap. That's the best kind

Doublebanker said...

I hate washing pajamas after only one wear...unless there was an accident of course!

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Janda said...

Very Very good not me Monday!! Sounds like you got lots of rest this weekend, and GOOD for you, we need to do this every once in a while!! Happy Monday!!

Lea Parrott said...

I love your post. I left my son in his Batman outfit for two days, did not want the fight!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

when I taught I always waited till the last minute to do grades too.

Anonymous said...

My kids had two pajama days last week. I am not going to admit to less laundry on this occasion! Nope!

dmelen said...

Love it! I was laughing all the way though your post. I think my laptop is now part of my body. Thanks for sharing.