Wednesday, February 4, 2009

pass the patience

i somehow avoided
what i thought would
be a nasty flu
not sure how
i'll take a pass though

i'll also take some
for the whole fam,
a healthy dose!

give me patience
for the daughter
who ignores me 100
times or more in the
i get that she is not
a morning person
nor am i
but give a mom a break
just once?

give the little big guy
perhaps more than all of us
he needs it lately
he gets p.o.'ed at
the door
the toothpaste cap
his coat
you name it
and since there
is no reasoning with
a 4 year old...
bring on the patience

give the big girl
a dose as well
she does not deal
well with mistakes
she is a perfectionist
she does not know
patience with herself
like water and oil
they are

give the hubs
although, he might
the award for the
most patience of the
'cause it can't be
easy dealing with
a stressed mom in the am
a daughter who is 'perfect'
and a son who, well, has no patience!

patience, getcha some!


kimber p said...

I don't want to scare you, but I always learned growing up in church and christian school that when you ask God for patience, He sends more tests and more trials. Ask for Grace. Ask for Strength..but not

angi_b72 said...

lol...i would love me some patience too!! I have none, never have, never will!! So anyone who wants to be near me...better bring their own!! lol

Aubrey said...

I'm glad you avoided the flu! As far as patience, pass a little this way too. Please!