Sunday, February 1, 2009

the week in review

warning...lots of words...little content...

monday: a blur
tuesday: blurry still
wednesday: blurrier and busier
thursday: busy, but less blurry, family movie night at school
friday: the had kajukembo, but with a twist:
instead of going to the usual friday dinner out
we splurged and went to out favorite japanese joint
the kids chowed and we savored the sushi and tempura
then, we did it, we walked across the parking lot
and we each ate a sinfully good donut from the best
little donut shop around.
saturday: errands on my own
chick flick movie night, and sadly i picked the two worst movies
sunday: cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more!
we planned on a small road trip today
cleaning got the best of us though

busy week ahead...hopefully not as blurry!

UPDATE: how could i forget?
the big girl was over the mooon friday...
she completed the first grade word list
halfway through the school year!
she got a certificate and applause from her class
i have never seen such a big smile,
she was so full of pride!
way to go liv!

1 comment:

Aubrey said...

WAY TO GO Big Girl! That's super awesome!

Your week in review was pretty funny. LOL And do tell more about the yummy donut AND bad chick flicks!