Wednesday, February 18, 2009

in case you care...

I live: the Cowboy capitol of the world...not lying, and not sure who designated it that!
I work: as a 6th grade teacher
I smell: popcorn
I listen: to the boy in his bed playing with legos
I hide: toys that annoy me. come on, you know you do too!
I walk: on legos all the time...ouch!
I write: lists until the cows come home
I see: only with my glasses or contacts
I sing: the silliest, made up songs to my kids...i hope it never gets old for them!
I can: multitask...well
I watch: too much reality tv...i am a people watcher!
I daydream: not as often as i used to!
I want: to go on the honeymoon that hubs and i never had!
I cry: during sappy movies! all.the.time.
I read: a lot, but since having kids, fall asleep too soon while reading at night
I love: my kids more than they know!
I rode: a horse that had bad gas. (wow, random)
I sometimes: wonder what i would do if i did not teach...
I fear: losing family
I hope: to travel more this year
I eat: food...need i expand on that?
I'm addicted: to facebook and blogging and me! offer me intervention and i will go! (somewhere beachy please!)
I drink: water, oj, decaf white mochas and the occasional caffeine free coke
I play: games with my kids in the evening
I miss: family
I forgive: myself
I drive: everyday
I lost: playing sequence tonight
I dream: about weird stuff
I kiss: hubs a lot
I hug: often
I remember: all my old addresses
I don't: like to clean
I believe: i need a cleaning lady
I owe: on my student loan
I know: my abc's
I hate: cleaning
I wish: i could keep the weight off
I wear: clothes
My ex: will never change. thankfully that is no longer my problem!
Maybe I should: go to bed
People would say that I'm: heck,not sure...what would y'all say?
I don't understand: why we all just can't get along!
Life is full of: laughter and love
My past is: part of me...wouldn't change it for the world
I get annoyed when: parents don't take responsibility
Parties are: fun!
Tomorrow: never comes...
Never in my life have I: been arrested.
When I was younger, I: was thinner!
When I'm nervous: my belly hurts!
When I was 5: i learned to tie my shoe by watching sesame street
My life is not complete without: my kids
If you visit my hometown: you will see the famous y bridge!
The world could do without: commercials
If I ever go back to school: i'd love every minute of it!
And, by the way: if you are lurking...please let me know you are here! let me hear you!


Anonymous said...

good job--here is me--
I love my kids unconditionally.
I love my grandkids openly.
I have got the best man ever.
I would love to travel more.
I love to hug my family&myfriends.
I love my pets.
I miss my parents alot.
I miss my in-laws alot.
I love living in Ohio
I am happy with my job

Anonymous said...

that was your mom there above...

kimber p said...

Lori that was an awesome list :) we're getting some snow here..well, mock snow. It pretends it's snowing then it stops, but there's a coating on my picnic table and over the grass...this is February!! We should have LOADS of it now!

Aubrey said...

I do care! LOL

And yes, your farting horse was VERY random.

What a great list!

angi_b72 said...

Good list!! Miss you!!

Erin said...

That is an awesome list. Thanks for sharing!

Finding Normal said...

Love this. Am so stealing this later in the week.
Ready for Monday Madness? :)