Friday, February 13, 2009

friday foto fiesta!

my posts lately
have been severely
in the photo dept
for no other reason
than i just have not
taken many
until this week...
without further ado:

daddy returned this week
from a biz trip to his old
stomping grounds...
and of course brought back
some razorback lovin'!

fridays are all about kajukembo
they love it
and we love watching!

i got the most awesome surprise in the mail!
my bloggy friend tiff, who calls 4under3 home,
sent me these goodies!
the coffee cozy is a-dor-able and crafted by
her own two hands! gotta love a gift made with love!
and my local starbucks thanks her;
makes me want to drink their nectar more than i do now!
thanks tiff! you rock!
i knew she had something 'up her sleeve!'

and this...
our view from school today:


Erin said...

So cute

Grand Pooba said...

Awesome pics! I love how cute your kids are!

angi_b72 said...

little ninja's in the making!!! Too cute!! Happy Valentines Day!!! Did Kelly get to see his mom when he was there?

Aubrey said...

Look at the rainbow! What a neat little surprise from nature!

That picture of your little man and his kajukembo face is adorable!

April said...

Love Foto Friday, your little ones look so cute in there little Gi's.

mom said...

I love those pictures--can't wait to get my arms around those guys!!

kimber p said...

how cute is he?? I pity the fool that tries messin' with his mama!! lol