Tuesday, March 10, 2009

when life hands you pink lemons

updated...see bottom of post

today is a day i have been
for a week now.
i knew it was coming,
i am glad i have had time
to digest it
before it really happens,
but there is no avoiding this reality
i am getting a
pink slip
it sucks.
i never thought that 11 years into
this is where i would be.
let me rewind a bit:
we moved our little family
3 years ago
from the midwest to california
it took me over a year
to get my ca credential
and then a job
and when i got this job,
it just all came together
the month i was hired was the
same month our
mortgage assistance ended
{provided for by hubs company for relocating}
talk about down to the wire
i have never been more thankful
to have a job
i realized that i had not given that
much thought before.
i always just had a job
i am sure i was thankful for that,
but not as thankful as i was
after not having a job
for a period of time.
so here i am
second year of teaching
in ca
and i am so aware
of how lucky i am
to have a job
and then
the dreaded cut.
it does not feel good
i love my job
this is all i know
and over the last few days
i have also come to know this:
we will be okay
it is what it is.
nothing i can do about it.
no amount of stressing will
reverse this.
we have always managed to work things out
this time should be no different.

i just want to get through today
i just want to make pink lemonade!

today one of the teachers
at school
brought in an abundance
of lemons,
fresh picked...
he/she had no way of knowing
about this post!
how'd they know i posted about
did i bring some home?
you betcha!
i just may have some
lemonade tonight!
a chaser for the margarita
i stopped to guzzle on the way home!


Rachael said...

hugs + prayers.

angi_b72 said...

that so made me cry!! I am so sorry!! Mom told me last night. So when is your last day? That sucks Lori, but you are right, it will all work out. You are not the only people in this boat right now, unfortunately, it is a very stressful and terrible time right now for so many people, it is just so sad. It really does make you stop and think about how truly people with jobs are right now. I see so many people everyday that are not and you just want to say..."you know what...i know people that would kill to be "hating" a job about now"...very very frustrating times indeed! I love you and can't wait to see you and the kids and Kelly!!

missy said...

oh no!!!!! i am sooooo sorry to hear that!!!!
i wish there was something i could do to help out!!!
just know that we are all here to listen to you and support you and your family!!!!!!
hang in there!!!!!!

Aubrey said...

Oh Lori!
My thoughts are with you! I wish I could reach across and give you a big hug!

Jen said...

That so sucks! I am so sorry because they are losing an AMAZING teacher!!! Angi...thank you so much for helping put my complaining butt in perspective. I have a job that I would be lost without. I work with wonderful people and wonderful students who need to have a teacher who appreciates having a job more than she has this past year.
Lori...good luck to you my dear friend! I agree...it will all work out...even if you have to move to Ohio and teach with me again! Love ya girl!

Finding Normal said...

Well CRAAAAAAAAAP. That is a craptastic day. I'm so sorry. Is it definite? I got RIFed (Reduced in Force) my first year, but they found money to not make cuts.
Not sure how the need for teachers is in your area. Seems CA was recruiting A LOT a few years ago.
But you're right...it all works out. Somehow. I hold onto that thought with all of my being. Saying a prayer for you!

mom said...

Hi Lori Ann, I am so sorry about your job--they are losing one of the best teachers they could ever have...but it's a while before fall and alot can happen before then. You know my prayers are with you and your dad and I are so proud of you and always here for you--just a phone call away!!! I love you Lori, mom

Mommy Cracked said...

I am so sorry. I never thought I would see the day when teachers were being laid off. ((hugs))

kimber p said...

hey Lori..I just read this and I'm really sorry for the loss of your job--it's insane that teachers can't depend on job security when so many kids need good, responsible loving adults in their lives. You will find another good job teaching, this is just an opportunity for growth and change...just keep your head up the best that you can :)