Wednesday, March 18, 2009

this and that

i do love this day of the week
i get one whole hour
to myself every
i know, big deal!
but it is.
it is just me
one hour
all mine.
i love it.
today i spent it
at the consignment shop
spring is almost here
and the kids are growing
so how is this for a bargain:

10 items
2 shorts
for the little big guy
1 dress and 2 tops
for the big girl
3 shirts
2 pants
for moi
all for spring
all for 50 bucks!
and i shopped alone!
perhaps the best part!
last night
the little big guy

helped daddy
in the yard
and the poor guy paid for it!
despite having his allergy med
before going out
we awoke this morning
to a snot machine!
and now he has a fever
and now hubs doesn't feel well
so the big girl
and i
saw this as an opening
we left the infirmary
and went out to dinner
her choice
just us
good times
she will be 7 next week
and even though
i hate how the time is flying,
i love the little girl
she is
growing up to be!
we sat and chatted
she is so articulate
and so funny

she's my big girl!
{birthday post coming soon}
{also a tee ball post...
nothing funnier than 4 year olds paying tee ball!}


missy said...

awwwww they grow up waaayyy to fast!!!!
oh and the snotty nose.....ugh we all have them too!!!
and sounds like you had an awesome hour today....that always makes me feel better too....just a little alone time!!!!!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

AHHH alone time. I have "wasted" the past week of MMO...I just came home and vegged out alone, showered in complete peace, it was heaven. Great bargains!

Mighty M said...

Productive use of your "alone" time - nice job! ;-)

Aubrey said...

Yes! Even a 1/2 hour of alone time is wonderful!

Score on your purchases! Gotta love good thrift store buys!

angi_b72 said...

love ALONE time!!! I want to see some glasses on that a pick...macy is so jealous!!

Finding Normal said...

I get an hour on most Thursdays. LOVE IT! It's my one weekday without therapy or meetings, and I look forward to it all week.

DiPaola Momma said...

Hi Lori, Angi sent me over to ya for some advice. Can you read this post for me and help out maybe?