Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{winners + losers}

i'm a winner!
and i didn't even know it!
i got a message today
from a local radio station
saying if i didn't claim
said prize, won in feb,
by this friday,
i would forfeit the loot!
clearly, they don't know me!
if i had known i won,
the prize would not still be there!
as it turns out, an entry i submitted
online was read over the air,
winning me this sweet necklace!

the contest asked listeners
to describe the perfect valentine's day
or something like that...cannot remember!
but here is my entry,
{which they made a copy of for me...i couldn't remember all that i wrote!}

my perfect valentine's story starts with an awful valentine's day! i left my emotionally abusive marriage on valentine's day. happy to be leaving, but not an ideal valentine's day! less than 5 months later, i accidentally met the man i would marry, the love of my life, when our phone lines were crossed! i consider that a redo of the crappy valentine's day earlier in the year! here we are, 7 years later, and valentine's day has a whole new meaning for me!

and onto the losers:

we have upwards of 5 pounds
of the damn nuts
on the counter
i have been eating
on one bag for a week now
until today...salmonella?
can the farm responsible
reimburse me for these
useless nuts now?
i hate to throw them away
but i think i'd hate
salmonella even more!
might be a good weight loss program though!

winners and losers...
got any to share?


lesley said...

congrats!! who knew leaving someone so awful would get you such a pretty necklace!!

ps..throw away the nuts!

Mighty M said...

Congrats! A beautiful necklace for a lovely story!! Can't believe about the nuts - definitely toss them!

Finding Normal said...

Great necklace!
Not a nut fan. Unless they're mixed in with chocolate.
I just got a box from a bloggy winning today! woohooo!

kimber p said...

omg..Lori, that is so very cool..lol I love that!!

mom said...

Lesley says it all!!!!!! and arn't we glad we got Kelly!! mom

Anonymous said...

oh yes, throw out the NUTS..mom

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

AWWWW nuts! Throw those things out,why risk getting sick. We snack on Almands from Costco.
That is one cute necklace and a beautiful story....inspiring to others AGAIN.

Aubrey said...

Congrats on the win! That's so neat.

I have a big bag of those too, just staring at me, begging not to be thrown away. I say great diet! LOL