Thursday, March 26, 2009

to the big girl...

today is a big day
you have counted
down the days
for over a month now
and here it is
you are 7 today!
but you are more
than your number
of years on earth:

you are me...
strong willed
a dreamer
a pretender
a reader

you are your dad...
a perfectionist
an analyzer
a go-getter

but mostly, you are you!
you light up the room
with your toothy smile
and infectious laughter
you are a doting big sister
you are an aspiring artist
with a sharp eye for detail
you are an attentive student
greedily absorbing new ideas
you are an articulate orator
who loves her gift of gab

you are an amazing

you are you...and we love you!


missy said...

awwww that is a sweet post!!!!!
tell her happy birthday from the jensens!!!!!

Rachael said...

happy birthday!

lesley said...

aww soo cute! happy birthday!

Grand Pooba said...

Awesome! Happy 7th!

angi_b72 said...

awww how sweet!! She is an amazing niece too!! I can't wait to see you Livs!!! When you get here I will take you shopping for an outfit for your birthday big girl!!

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

So sweet! Hang on mama, soon she'll be...gulp...16!

Erin said...

happy belated birthday! What a cute post!

Anonymous said...

Love the glasses girl..grandma

John Deere Mom said...

Such a sweet post for a sweet girl!

Mighty M said...

Very nice tribute! Looks like she had a fantastic day!!