Saturday, March 21, 2009


we slept in
well, not the kids,
just us
but boy when we rose
we made swift plans for the day!
with breakfast,
personal hygiene,
and dressing
accomplished in
near record time
we were on the road
starbucks in hand
a fun little plan
and then
"what the hell was that?"
for some reason,
a reason which neither
one of us can pinpoint,
we took the elder of our two
maybe cause she just got
shiny new tires
and brakes
but this didn't seem to matter
when she completely died halfway
to our destination
which, did i mention,
is in the foothills,
and we were 30 miles
from everything
but a barn and a 1000 cows.
she started right back up
but the glaring engine light
told us to turn around
so home we went
we pottied
refilled our snacks
and took our numero uno
it was like the movie
groundhog day
except we did not stop
at starbucks again
i promise.
so off we go
same path
kids very confused at this point
we finally make it to our destination:

nothing like a good street festival!
and of course we ate our way through it!

i swear, there really was a potato under there!
we waited in line for the
obligatory face painting

more like camped out in line,
mercy what we do for these kids!
we even avoided car-tastrophe number 2
when the little big guy
popped the brake on this
little ditty
and sent it rolling backwards
down the incline it was parked on!

so after taking in all things irish

and not so irish...

we made our way to the
vineyard down the road

unbeknownst to us,
it was daffodil day there

the sight of spring flowers
made my heart swell with the promise
of new life that spring brings!
{all the while trying to figure a way
to wrestle a few barrels of spring flowers
into our truck...there were so many
just calling my name...but they were not for sale!}

we perused our first ever flower show

who knew so many people were vying
for the best daffodil?!
and who can stop at a vineyard
and not taste the wares?

and what do the kids do whilst
we sip some vino you ask?
why read books and play with toys of course!

a winery after the hearts of parents!
a great day...long, but fun!

and i leave you with a few funny quotes from the day:
the little big guy, as we zoom over tummy tickling hills:
"these hills make my privates tingle!" {tmi son!}
and i overheard this gem...
a woman behind me exclaims:
"are you biting your nipple?"
{speaking to a baby in a stroller}
but her tipsy friends respond with crass comments
not suited for my blog! hee hee!


angi_b72 said...

looks like a wonderful day...i Lifetime movied it all day!! Hope your car is ok!!

missy said...

looks like tons of fun!!!!!
my sone has said those....well maybe not exact words but the same meaning when he was younger too!!!!!
oh but you have to love them!!!!!!
hope your car is an easy fix!!!!

Finding Normal said...

I love street festivals, and that potato? Looks divine! What a great day! Well, all except the car dying. Good luck with that!

Jen said...

You are becoming quite the photographer. Sounds like a chaotic,but fun day!

Aubrey said...

I'm glad the day was salvaged! It would have been a shame to miss such festivities! Especially that potato!

Mamarazzi said...

FUN!!! what a fab day...i love a street festival!

The Blonde Duck said...

That looks like the perfect day!

jenjen said...

Hi Lori!
Thanks for coming by and saying hi! What a great place you have here. I love,love, love your header - so cute!

Great pics. It sounds like you had a good weekend. Sorry to hear about your car.

Have a super week!