Sunday, March 8, 2009

swappy goodness

i participated in mamarazzi's
favorite things swap for the second time
and loved it once again!

i was partnered up with
a gal that somehow knows just what i like!

her package came on a day
which needed some sunshine
and she delivered!

everything was wrapped
and so cute, i didn't want to open...
but that lasted only a minute!
i swear janie snuck in my house
and took stock of what i like!
a sweet animal print bracelet
lipstick and mascara
moonlight path bath and body lotion
a beautiful cross magnet
a pedi kit
a sleep mask
a menu planner and grocery list tablet
and an incredible vintage cookbook!
she could not have known
that i own many, many bracelets
and am always looking for cute ones to add to the mix
or that
i have been on a new makeup kick lately
or that
i love that particular scent of lotion
or that
all the magnets on my fridge have special meaning
or that
i love giving myself pedis to save money
or that
hubs brought home a sleep mask from a trip
and would not let me have it!
or that
the tablet on which i used to do menu planning/grocery list
just ran out!
or that
i collect cookbooks!
what an awesome swap!
thanks janie!
{now head on over to check out her goodies!}


Amy B said...

Wow you got a great swap box filled with wonderful goodies...Enjoy them all.

angi_b72 said...

wow...that all was right on target for things you like!! Cool. Can't wait to get mine!

Robin Costello (Delswife) said...

Very cool! Enjoy it all!

The Blonde Duck said...

How wonderful is that!

Mrs. D Lightful said...

That sounds fun, never heard of it! I will have to check it out!

Supercool Hotmama said...

What awesome treats you got! Vintage cookbooks are my favorite! Mamarazzi is the best at matching up pertners!

janie @ mommy has a blog... said...

I am beyond thrilled that you loved it Lori! Let me know how things are going for you, you have been in my prayers and I hope you have a better week! My post is finally up! So glad I "met" you!!

Aubrey said...

I'm so sad I opted out of this swap *boo*

You sure got a great partner!

Mamarazzi said...


I am so slow in getting around to everyone who participated in the swap but I just wanted to make sure THANK you for playing and for sending such a fantastic package to your partner. I know she really appreciated it.

My next swap is set for April and I will announce it soon, keep and eye out for it if you want to play again…they fill up FAST!! In the meantime come by and enter my latest giveaway…very fun stuff!