Monday, March 16, 2009


this weekend
we had date night
while at dinner
we had the misfortune
of being seated by this
i knew from the second
i sat down
she would annoy me
you know, the kind
of talking that every
table around her has
no choice but to listen to
b/c she is so loud
hubs and i are sitting
side by side
taking in the view
chatting here and there
trying to enjoy a quiet
but instead of having
chatterboxes at our table
the chatterbox was beside us!
then i hear it!
she says, to the guy she is with,
"i'd hate to be a married couple
like them with nothing to talk about!"

and since the woman sitting beside
them was alone, i assume she meant us!

so to the rude woman at dinner:
perhaps if you shut your trap
long enough
a man might stick around,
as i have heard from your convo
with the poor guy sitting next to you,
your relationships tend to be
and perhaps
one day you will know
that in any good relationship
comfortable silence is okay!
really, try it sometime!
you might like a break from
your own annoying voice!
i know the peeps around you would!


Aubrey said...

Oh no she DI'NT!

There is NO way I could have kept my piehole shut! LOL Wow.

I hope you still enjoyed your evening!

lori said...

i am not sure how i did...but the wacko brought her two sons with her to this strange date, so i didn't want to go off in front of the kids...
yeah,we'llsay it was that!
about had to throw down int he sushi place!

missy said...

hahaha!!! i love it....people are very annoying.....and they do not care!!!! the cell phone LOUD talker is the one that gets me everytime!!!! way to just ignore the best you can....and tell us we ALL understand!!!!
have a great week!!!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

What Aubrey said! I think I would have said something. Interesting, she hs kids she brings on a date and states she doesn't want to be like a married think she ws trying to make this guy not like her?

I love quiet evenings!

John Deere Mom said...

Oh, I totally would have had to say something. How obnoxious!!! I love quiet evenings with my husband. They are so few and far between we just sit, relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet!!!

Mighty M said...

No fun! Hope your food was at least enjoyable! ;-)

Finding Normal said...

It seems we are always seated by the one loudmouth jerk in every restaurant. I love a quiet dinner with my husband, and while there is a lot we could talk about, sometimes it's nice to just sit and be together. Beside each other. That's my dating secret. ;)