Friday, June 27, 2008

close call

So as moms and dads, we always hear about not letting the kids out of our sight. And although it is hard to constantly have an eye on their every move, our family got a good dose of reality today! Looking back, I am glad my kids witnessed this, and it was clear that the boundaries Kelly and I have set for them have truly sunk in!

We were in the garage, getting ready to take Kelly back to work after he came home for lunch. Olivia was in the driveway and starts yelling that there is a kid in the street. We walk out of the garage, and sure enough a little boy, only about 2, was standing in the crosswalk of a very busy nearby street by himself! Cars are going by and he is just looking around! Kelly ran down there, about 50 yards, and took him by the hand. Turns out it was the little boy from across the street! Kelly took him home and mom was shocked to find he was even out of the house! My heart was in my throat as I thought about what might have happened if he would not have been found when he was! (And strangely enough, of all the cars passing by, one car stopped and that was as Kelly was taking him by the hand! What is wrong with people!?)

Anyhoo, it was a comfort to see Olivia and Mason react with such caution, as they knew that was not okay and very dangerous.

After Kelly saved the day for this young one, Olivia declared, in her 6 year old wisdom, "Yep, that is what daddy is going to do now, go around the world and help people." How sweet!

Make sure you hug your kids today! I know the mother of this little boy is!

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