Sunday, June 22, 2008

home improvement

The single best test of any relationship! I have not so fond memories of my mom and dad wall papering the dining room and nearly divorcing about halfway through! (They are still happily married for nearly 40 years now! I truly believe wall paper would bring any partnership to it's knees!)
Today, Kelly and I got really motivated and decided to rectify the paint situation in our bedroom, which is another post altogether...the short version is that two years ago I got a wild hair and painted one wall chocolate brown, although Kelly gave it a different name. That is all that was ever painted, as it was a stand off! Today, we buried the chocolate brown for good. In it's place, bright white head ache inducing primer. And the best part is, we laughed and ribbed at each other the whole way through. (might that have been the high we were on from the fumes?)
Thank God we are not wall papering!
When we actually have some color, I'll post a pic then!

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