Thursday, June 19, 2008

So, let's try this again!

Yes, a new start, or maybe just a continuation of what I started, um, back in Feruary!? Where has the time gone?

Well, now it is June, school is out and we are soooo enjoying the summer! Since moving to CA, this is my first summer not working, and can I just say, I have missed this! For the first two weeks of summer, I took the kids to the park everyday after Mason's nap. But for the last two weeks Olivia has had bible school and it has just been getting hotter and hotter in the late afternoon!

We are looking forward to a few things this summer...

  • Olivia's dance recital...coming up on the 28th. Look for pictures soon! She is doing two numbers this year, one ballet and one tap.

  • A much anticpated visit from grandma and grandpa from July 12-19! We can't wait! Olivia has already sorted out the sleeping arrangements and she is saving a Cold Stone gift card so she can buy them ice cream!

  • A day trip or two...we want to take the kids to San Fran to visit the Exploratorium and Golden Gate Park.

  • Mason's 4th birthday!! Can that be possible?

  • And well, just enjoying the time off from work, 'cause Lord knows school will be back in session before we know it!

So I promise to update this way more often!

Olivia got caught experimenting with my makeup!

Mason has his pirate persona down pat!


angi_b72 said...

Livy your make up looks so pretty!!
Mason, you have something on your head dude!!

Love and miss you guys

Angie and girls

mary said...

Hi Lori, I guess wallpapering is a test of your marriage commentment and if you can survire that then maybe you have a chance to be togeher for almost 40years. Can'r wait to see your room and of course you guys. lOVE mom.....WILL YOU LET ME KNOW IF YOU GET THIS?