Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{dot com!}

{sing the above to the
annoying expedia tune}

so this should come as
no surprise to me,
as she is the daughter
of a computer lover,
but today, the big girl
said something so funny
and very telling of the
generation she is growing
up in!

not sure why, but we were
discussing the nutritional value,
or lack thereof,
of goldfish,
quite possibly her fave
crunchy snack.

when she asked what else
they were made of
besides cheese,
i told her i would have to look
on the box...
to which she said,
"just look on how goldfish are made dot com!"

she is in the first grade...
is this really how her mind
is thinking?
i think a trip to an
old school
is in order...
card catalog and encyclopedia style!


missy said...

hahaha!!!! i know what you are saying!!!!!
when my kids ask how to spell something i say use the dictionary.......they look at me like i have lost my mind!!!!!
but love the {dot com}......that is what i sang as soon as i saw it typed in there!!!!

angi_b72 said... doubt!! They wouldn't know what to do if they had to look up something in a card catalog that is for sure!

Mighty M said...

Ah, I can hear my daughter's words now "just google it, mom!".

lesley said...

lol! that is to funny! soon she will be talking a/b facebook updates! and for the record, i have no clue how to use a card catalog and never did! thank god for the internet!