Sunday, April 19, 2009

i'm here...barely

i took a week off from
my beloved blog
whilst we traveled
east for our spring break.

i have so much to post and
good pics to share,
but, ummm,
not tonight!
we got home late last night,
or, well, early this morning,
and i am still in tired travel mode!
i got very little done today
in between laying down
and catnapping all day!

but i will share this:
the kiddos did a fantastic job
traveling yesterday!
it was a long flight
but they were excellent!
and then...we got home...
oh my...
it was 1 am
something spooked the little big guy
as he was heading to the front door
so he turns and runs back over to the driveway
not knowing daddy had dropped
the tailgate on the truck!
he smacked his face on it,
so hard that it SHOOK the truck
and of course knocked him down!
hubs and i both had visions
of heading to the ER at that late hour.
we were shocked to find
no broken skin
and wondered if his nose was broken,
but he quickly fell asleep with
an ice pack on his face!
this morning, thinking i would find
a black and blue little boy in bed,
i found that he has only a small bruise on
the bridge of his nose...thankfully!
our proof that he really is hard headed!


lesley said...

oh poor boy!! glad he is ok!

missy said...

ouch!!!! poor little guy!!!!!
it may turn black and blue in a few days!?!?!?
but boys think that is waaay cool!!!

angi_b72 said...

oh no....that poor guy!! I am not so sure after seeing him this week though that there is alot that will hurt him!! So cute and getting so big...such a little man!!

Finding Normal said...


kimber p said...

owwww!!! dang tailgate, anyway!! loved meeting you Lori--you're awesome :) I wonder how long it will take your bro to get over the fact that I walked out the backdoor with a butcher knife in my!!

Mighty M said...

Glad you are back - will be waiting to see your pics! ;-)

Aubrey said...

I'm glad you are back!

Eeeek! I cringed when I read the part about him smacking the tailgate. Poor little dude! I'm glad he is a-OK! He's got a head like my little one. LOL

McMommy said...

It's my first time here and can I just say I love the way you write?!?! So fun!!! (umm..not the tailgate part though--ow!)

You are also inspiring me to take a little "spring break" vacay from my blog for a week!