Tuesday, April 7, 2009


life with kids
presents so many milestones
you know how it starts...
first their weight,
then sleeping through the night,
rolling over,
eating some solids,
you get the idea...
all exciting
and all reminders
that our kids grow up!

then there are the milestones
that are not so much
documented in their baby books,
or even as celebrated,
but milestones nonetheless...

for example,
no longer being able to
spell out words you don't
want your kids to hear.
reaching that milestone s-u-c-k-s!

oh, and how about this one,
met today,
and equally as s-u-c-k-y!
no longer being able to snicker
behind the kids' back when they
put their middle finger up,
not knowing this could be offensive!
{you know, like look at this boo boo, which just happens to be on the middle finger}

the little big girl asks today if this meant a bad word,
while sporting it happily!
i paused
like, for many seconds,
not because i didn't know what to say,
i just dreaded the question
that would follow
my confirmation
that yes,
it does mean a bad word...
and true to form,
she asks...
"what word does it mean?"

after much begging
she finally accepted my response
that it means a word we do not say...
and i got confirmation that the child
who introduced her to this
did not know the word either...
at least we still have that secret!
{for the time being}


Finding Normal said...


Jen said...

Oh My!Remind me not to put my middle finger up when you are here next weekend.

Aubrey said...


Yes. A milestone we would rather do without!

missy said...

i know.....why do other people have to have such naughty kids?!?!?!?!?!!? teaching our little angels all these bad bad things?!!?!?!??!?!hahahaha!!!!
we get alot of questions too.......grrrrr!!!!

lesley said...

lol! i remember when i did that! i prob got the soap!

Susan said...

Funny! Found you through Real World Venus vs. Mars - Welcome!

mom said...

Oh yes , the dreaded "F word" I can remember Lesley saying that upstairs in the hallway and just about falling on the floor and guess where she heard it..you are right--the Hormanns..mom